Ag4 Iron Sights

Are the iron sights on the Ag4 real? I was looking at a civilian clone of the G3 (Real Ag4), and I really like the look of the in game iron sights, though the real ones are extremely nice too, but they’re completely different. The in game rear sight is definitely not a HK drum sight, and the front sight is similar but a bit more rectangular. Does anyone know of the in game ones are based on a real iron sight?

AG4 is based on the real life ak4, which itself is based on the G3A3.

worn ag4 for comparison, the sights seem to differ but there may be a specific reason for that.

On the real G3 there is a standard drum sight with two settings, a circular peep sight and a v notch sight. The in game one seems to have a flip up notch sight almost, without the other settings, and still a bit different.

some things will need to be different of course, close but not exactly the same.

I’m just looking to see if it’s a real product

Real life iron sights lined up with front sight. ( Same sight, just turned)

It seems to me that there are some deviations, because the discrepancy that you noticed is not the only one.