Ag5 vs ag4 / ai

The ag5 stat card says it does more dmg than the ai and ag4, has anyone seen / feels like it does in fact do more damage?

Don’t know, probably cause I don’t use one.

The AG5 does the least damage per bullet of the AR, but fires much faster and is fairly controllable in full auto. 30 round mag. Can take a scope (1-4x, and vision mods) or ACOG.

The AG4 does more per bullet, harder to control full auto. 20 round mag. Can take a scope (1-4x, and vision mods) or ACOG.

The AI-76 does the most per bullet, but is very hard to control when fired auto (no assault rifle compensators either). 30 round mag. Can only take an ACOG.


My ag4 takes a 4-8x scope as well if can remember.

I tend to stray away from the AG5 and AI-76. They’re better at closer ranges while being fired full auto, but with a shotgun and HP5 I don’t need them.

AG4 with a 1-4x scope works pretty well for medium range targets, and closer if needed. Anything further than that the .50 or .270 rifles get the job done.

While that is true that the AG5, it doesnt matter in this game because bullets are a premium. You cant afford to use that thing at full auto and the ammo is rare for it. This game is not built around DPS, your best bet is the AG4. They could drop the AG5 from the game and nobody would know the difference.

I tend to use both AI-76 & AG4, but leaning towards the AI-76 than AG4. While the Shotgun/HP5 is good; I tend to toss them out once I get a AI-76/AG4 & a M/46 Kpist.

As for Rifles I just keep to the Messuer Hunting Rifle, since I primarily use it to kill Runner’s anyways.

Due to a famine on appropriate ammo (for most of the map) I gave up on the AG5 even though I liked it a lot (have a excellent quality one stashed with a secondary character)

The AG5 with a scope and the full vision module is nice when trying to find that last hunter that is hiding somewhere really stupid.

The AI-76 + barrel extension and the MP5 (suppressed) are my close in options (I suppressed the MP5 only because it’s easier on m own ears in enclosed areas)

I keep coming back to the AG5 just because you can mount a 4x Scope on it, and transform the weapon into a DMR. It’s supremely accurate even at long ranges and great in those situations where you need surgical precision, with a larger magazine and more hitpower than the hunting rifles.

I wrote my comparison of the 3 assault rifles in this somewhat related thread if anyone is interested, covering what my observations on damage, accuracy, etc were

I agree kinda, i find ammo for whatever gun im carrying around most of the time. When i got an ag5 on deck 5.56 is in almost all ammo crates with the occasional 7.62 or shotgun shells. Haven’t had issues getting what i need for what i got. Same token though if im joining mp games then all my loot is damn near empty

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen automatic weapons in the weapon boxes you find in regular civilian houses. Just Pistols, Shotguns and Hunting Rifles of varying qualities. For military hardware, you’ll have to go to military bases, storage bunkers and the like.

RNG may have a play as a factor to get high end weapons off of Third Tier Tanks or Harvester.

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