Aggro problem even after death

When i enter combat nothing i do ends combat besides dying but after dying aggro sits at less than a second to red on prone for outside of sight range and just stays there even if i am in a safehouse bunker. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

When the Robots get you on their screen then you can only end the engagement by taking your legs in your Hand and run away from them. The best is in terrain what is heavy for a hunter run into dense wood or run up a rocky slope what is steep, because a Hunter can not climp so good. Running into a safehouse didn’t stop the agroing of the Robots they follow you and they stay outside the safehouse and lurking araound it still they get you. Hope that helps you

There are two ways to end combat:

  1. Kill all machines that have aggrod to you (won combat).
  2. Travel enough distance away of aggrod machines, so they can’t detect you anymore (escaped combat).
    That also holds true if you die and respawn in a safehouse far away from combat zone.

However, if the combat zone is near or at safehouse location and if you die and spawn there, combat will start again, as said by helldriver above, since machines can hear and see you through walls (intended game feature).