Agumatation is stuck

Weapon: PVG 90
Tier: Legendary

Fault: Can’t argument Pvg 90 because of “TXT_Text_1”

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It says, go to consumable crafting station in the lower right corner… But there you are.
Is it also correct that the selected augmentation has 4 levels? (Upper right corner)

Maybe a workaround:
Try changing the language to english.

I’m german, too, and I will take a look at the PVG later.
For me it looks normal in that screen, but I’m on PS5, while you’re on PC.

It says some Var-Lines like TXT_Text_1 or TXT_Text

Now it works…

Like I said, change language to english and try again.
It’s probably just some missing or wrong variables for the translation that lead into an error.

Please keep us up to date, if it helped.

Maybe you could also validate your files or reinstall the game. Maybe there’s a broken or missing file.

Got the same thing but with a 4 star… and It also applies to other weapons, I checked it with the kotenok and the Al-76.

Ok, you’re already playing on english, so my previous idea doesn’t seem to apply.

@AurusXIII and @Designation_N:
Does it just happen for this primary augmentation? Idk its english name, in german it’s Gigantengaraus. At least you both posted a screenshot where on the right side the data of it are seen.

One for your list.

Thanks for reporting this! We’ll look into this ASAP.

Nop, its the station itself on the moment you chose a weapon and open the window, it gives you that and doesn’t let you do anything at all on there, you can press E which doesn’t do anything or ESC and go back to weapon choosing, Btw I tried to validate files but all clear on that end so its not that either.

does this have a fix already? im also experiencing this issue, i’ve verified the file and re-installed the game…

We have a fix for this scheduled for the next update, which releases soon!


when only carrying the pvg90, kontenok, s21, I also get this screen, also notice the 4 locked levels, anyways, just weird & random

also game crashes when hitting the sorting button on this screens, PS4, jfyi

are you only carrying the pvg90, put other weapons in your inventory

heyy! weird but it works lol. thank you!