AI Assault Carbine

new AK idea for the next Soviet pack i just pulled up.
AKS-74U, an AK carbine but with fixed stock and unique suppressor. and use 5.45mm ammo
might be named AI-78U, i don’t know.


I think there was some talk, before, about the AN-94…I mention it, only because you mention 5.45x39mm, which a proper implementation of the AN-94 would also utilize and introduce. They could always revamp the AI-76 itself, make it into a 5.45 as well—that would suit the name they gave it better, than leaving it in 7.62… Though, of course, the AN-94 wouldn’t really fit the timeline. Maybe pass it off as an extremely early prototype, or advance the timeline to go alongside the exo-suits and the machines themselves. A few years number fudging isn’t entirely inexcusable, all things considered. I love playing around with the AN-94 in a few other games, “STALKER” for one, and would love to see it/get my hands on it again…

I do love the unique look of some of the Russian suppressors, in any case. I think it’d be cool to see them more often. Use them for the AI-76, Kotenok, maybe the Skorpion, be a bit like the MAC-10’s unique fat can. Unique flavor, set them apart from the Swedish and other arms. As an aside, the shotgun suppressor is hilariously undersized and could use a better, more proper-looking replacement as well. Soviet Kobra RDS would be not bad to see, as well, or maybe something earlier might fit better—I can’t seem to find a date for the Kobra models, or the PK-AS…