AI Behaviors, and OPFOR's

It was mentioned in the general forum that Russian robot behavior is glitchy. I presume this means there are prospective changes, and if there are…

It would be interesting to run into one, now and again that appears glitchy, as a matter of storyline.

An AI that, rather than trying to kill you, attempts to coerce you out of something. Ammo. Uranium.

Maybe it snatches you up, and threatens “your asset or your life,” and maybe-- it has bullets.

Or maybe not.

Yes, I am playing on the trope of Russian Bots. To prove that I’m an equitable soul, it’d also be nice to have the Spetsnaz Shovel as a mele weapon-- since they’re one of the world’s best.

It’d also be cool to run across an occasional Finnish commando group, or Norwegians. Or other Warsaw Pact guys; Cubans, Stasi, Lybians, etc.

Also, 1960’s Volvos were pretty hot cars.

Just sayin’.

I love this game, and I applaud the Dev Team. Please don’t take my criticisms as demands, or as things I believe we should see. I only think they’d be fun anomalies.

Cheers, y’all!

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