AI Combat Improvement


I’m not a programmer nor a game designer, and I do not know what goes into AI pathfinding, response, and interaction. I imagine it is not easy and probably takes a ton of coding and revamping, anyone that knows how to code and program please explain to me the process.

But on that note, these robotic AIs definitely need their intelligence tuned up. These are supposed to be military robots with military parameters designed by Germany? But when engaging these metallic husks they give off no recognition of military software except for their weapons.

So AI Combat Improvement. I served a few years in the Army, when engaging hostiles we always worked together in our designated squad, always communicated and utilized various formations. These robots should be able to do the same, communicate to each other and have parameters that change how they react and think when it comes to their specific group.

For example, you engage 6 hunters on a narrow road with tree line on your 9 and 3 o’clock. Instead of the Hunters simply running about randomly and popping shots at you, their AIs communicate and they split off evenly in two squads within the tree line. One Hunter in both teams engages you with its shoulder and tactical weapons (based on class), the other two of both squads cover you with primary weapon fire (based on class), the robots would seek cover while laying fire in your vicinity; I know Hunters are large and for them to seek cover is a challenge but some cover is more ideal than no cover. This is just one idea of tactical engagement these AIs could possess.

Another good example would be what we did the Army called Bounding. Works great on a two man group and up, one soldier lays fire on the enemy while the other moves up to the target behind cover. The soldier who moved up, now lays weapon fire while the other soldier moves closer and we repeat this step until the enemy retreats or is exterminated. Robots could reflect this same tactic to get the upper hand on the humans.

I’ve noticed that a large population of this game does not like the idea of bigger bots and stronger weapons or slap on more armor, and I’m a victim of posting stuff like that. I just want these robots to be more of a challenge, what is more challenging than fighting something smarter than you?


Even now, after bugs has been squashed. AI still just stands there, and really doesn’t deploy any tactics or move around to get better positions.
Get inside to house, and you basically are shooting fish in a barrel. But in reverse, you are the fish now who is shooting the robots.

  • Robots dont move much around buildings, just stand there.
  • Robots wont use mostly opportunities to shoot trough windows when they could.
  • Robots never disengage
    (expect sometimes robots seem to be stuck their path, and ignore almost all damage to done them. Just randomly shooting back and then continue the path)
  • Seekers can escalate the fight, but its only temporary situation. Ends when all reinforcement robots are destroyed from the near area. And this is just usually random roaming party of robots. Runners, Hunters, maybe a Tank.
  • Robots having massive casualties, and no retreat. (machines dont have morale and/or fear, they just obey the programming. But advanced AI still should consider lost units.)

" He that fights and runs away, May turn and fight another day ; But he that is in battle slain, Will never rise to fight again."

Robots should disengage, get distance. Go stalk behind other buildings / cover is they suffer losses and player is inside building.
Robots should keep calling heavy reinforcements if fight continues. (maybe alert rival(s) to converge that location)
Robots should suddenly retreat to avoid loses.


Those are all great ideas of a more advanced AI, if I have trouble with bots I usually retreat into a house and as you have said, fish in a barrel. As a soldier if we were engaging hostiles held up in a house, we cleared them out by any means.

If I am hiding in a shanty house I expect the bots to either breach the shelter or clear me out with artillery. Gas Mortars are good but they only fire them at me if they have a visual of me and they post a small radius, not how artillery works but I imagine it to be difficult to program destructible environments.

I usually don’t have a problem with reinforcements coming in but I think it has been simple bad luck or good timing. But it made combat more engaging, but most of the time those reinforcements are just fish dead out of water as the original targets. But I purposely set off Seekers just fo see if there are any nearby stragglers.

I have had bots run from me before, but they would get a certain distance then come back for more, even if they have been completely disarmed. Would be awesome if they come back with either more allies or like Rivals they would adapt, repair and upgrade to try again.


I absolutely agree with what you’re saying. I am sure there will be a large focus on that down the road, but as of right now I’m almost certain they have all their eggs in the “Fix the Crashes” basket and I am totally okay with that. Valid point though, they definitely don’t act like a military grade machine that’s for sure