Ai Suggestions - Visual Optic - Mortar from Tank Remote controlled throught Seeker

It would be nice to be able to destroy the visual visor of a robot in a targeted way and then orientate itself only by means of noises (shots / explosions, loud running). Robots with destroyed optics should move more cautiously and shoot in the direction from which they suspect the opponent.

Also some Seeker should have the option to Mark you with a laser, and then this location gets attacked by the tanks and Harvesters by its Mortar, even they don’t see you directly.

for first point , you can shoot off the eyes off tanks and harvestors , i do this alot with my friend using snipers rounds to make them angry. they will act strangely after this. if you look close with the scope you can see their eyes with the lights.

second point with seekers , ok i dont have a point on seekers as u suggested.