AI system can be improved, but nice graphics and more

Nice graphics but very bad AI system and more

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The game is nice looking but it’s AI mechanics is with very simple and bad programing functions if it haves of any sort at all
First of all i recommend to watch on YT the AI behavior of a game called Sir You Are Being Haunted and see how good and fun it is and actually works like a proper high end AI system witch this game needs it so bad

So it seems that Generation Zero it’s using an pre “AI” simplified global system where it detects what the player is doing overall depending also on distance and cool downs and states that activates if enemy is on player or not without any other functions like proper noise location, proper loss of line of sight and location, memory for last location of sound and sight of player, etc like in other games so to speak
So is not a proper AI like in Stalker games or in Sir You Are Being Hunted or like in Dishonored or Fear where each enemy has it’s own intelligence and act properly ( as example when you lose the line of sight with them and they will go and search on the last place they saw you or and heard you as a memory function sort of speaking )

Example of bad behavior with this system as its normal for it to be like this because no actual AI is implemented to actually work properly
The crouch or prone is useless so many time if not always because the enemy just knows where you are all the time no matter what you do
The enemy knows where to shoot you even if you hide after trowing a flare from behind a tree and sneak after a rock and they still know where you are
The enemy will not see you if you stay crouched in front of him and close like 100m in no grass but if you move he can ( well the global system can ) sense you if he is with the back at you at even more distance witch is very bad
Or when you engage combat and you try to lose the line of sight like 200 meters after a hill and you try to flank it so moving in prone in dense woods after the hill but he knows where you are ( i mean the system knows where you are and tells the enemy to shoot you because the cool-down is not off and you are in combat crap ) and just simply you didn’t altered the combat at all and is so annoying and bad
There are so many bad behaviors because no consideration of proper function if any of those like proper paths detectios when near buildings if in combat crap
Another case is that the enemy accuracy is always the same when the player is crouched or prone as he the enemy ( the system “AI” again sorry ) knows where you are

You get my drifts anyway
It is a basic global system script witch pretends to be an “AI” and it will never work properly
Look at YT on The game called Sir You Are Being Haunted and see how damn fun it is to play with that system and hopefully the devs will implement it as it feels that is a proper system for a game like this and it should be a standard now days if you ask me

Another problem is the scopes and ballistics witch are just a bug in crosshair texture of the scope to be offseted from the main non scope weapon aim point witch makes the player think it overshoots like a proper settings in a scope and it’s so annoying
So when you shoot with the scope the bullet go normal when not zoomed and over the top when zoomed and you are like in this annoying situation where you kinda want to compensate for the bullet drop and aim higher but the damn miss align of the weapon no scope point is making you miss the shots

Also the night vision witch is not working better or at all than the actual scope texture witch filters the color in such a way that it’s better and as well is bad

The cone of fire when not aiming is like crazy big as bullets are going like crazy in all direction witch is exaggerated so much

And another one is the sorting of the items witch is non existent and just sorts and resorts the items randomly witch is so annoying to try and manage items

And yet another one is the aim speed with the scope wich is so slow like you can’t make faster adjustments when enemy is moving faster and that is also exaggerated as well

Hopefully the devs can understand and update their engine for a proper mechanics at least for proper AI system
The graphics are damn good and now we kinda need the AI mechanics to be good too

  • Sorry bad english !

More difficult machines would definitely benefit from increased AI; however, I think the game is generally okay as is. I believe hunters will go to your last seen location, and line of sight does exist to some extent.

The cone of fire is honestly fine, you have to control your recoil and if you want to spray, you need to get close, which increases the excitement.

I think the only thing I can agree on is that some stealth features are not realistic at all; being able to prone and have a machine walk over you without detection is pretty funny. I think it’s fine if you aren;t moving at all and it’s at night, and no contact is made, but otherwise I think the conditions should affect the stealth options a lot more.

Honestly, the animations and machine models look super dope and got me hooked on this game, and if the apolcapyse hunters suddenly turned into sherlock holmes every time I took a step, I’d just die all the time lmao

Stealth and AI should also increase dramatically depending potentially on difficulty setting

Look at Sir You Are Being Hunted and see how well that AI and mechanics are made and balanced
Also the cone of wich the bullets are spread is extremely exaggerated when not aiming down the sights despite the recoil
The gameplay feels and is just as a simple arcade ish and exaggerated shooter gameplay

Deploying a boom box and hiding after a hill or rock in prone position then the boom box starts to make noise and lures an enemy and then when the player in prone position is looking at the enemy even from far away behind a tree the AI system will tell that you are in combat and the enemy then knows where the player is and shoot’s at player despite he changed and sneaked to another location but someone told the enemy where the player is and that is the basic AI system witch tels the enemy where you are to activate combat on player witch is at n location because the enemies haves no logic but just a simple trigger like on player or off player despite the player was hidden and in prone position after a rock or hill or tree and that is so bad and ppl should report this garbage AI to the devs to remake it better

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  • And also can help the devs to properly understand and take it seriously to fix a thing that is literally broken and i can prove with many videos that AI in this game is very bad in the type of implementation despite media ppl saying is good or saying it needs just improvement witch in fact it needs to be reworked from zero to work properly !
  • Let the devs decide if this topic with his original title helps them or if they want to take it in consideration !
  • I want my original title back because it had no bad intention or bad language and it described the truth about the post i took time to make to actually hopefully help the devs understand and maybe rework it from zero !

It is in my right to do so, yes. Repeatedly calling the enemy AI design “very bad” and “garbage” is not how we do things around here. Your feeback won’t be very constructive if you keep throwing insults.

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