Aim assist and recoil - PC vs consoles

Something I’ve noticed when watching people playing GZ on console, is that it seems very easy to keep your guns on your target on consoles, even with the LMGs using full auto (that even includes hip shooting!).

Personally I have only played the game on PC (and I totally suck playing with controllers on our Xbox), but I know that if I use ADS on my KVM59, even with maxed out Recoil skill, I still have to move my mouse upwards (invert mouse on!) over my mouse pad if I let loose on long full auto burst from the KVM, lol!

So, for anyone that has tested the game on both PCs and consoles, what’s your take on this? :slight_smile:

consoles have a bit auto aim. because of the game pad it’s a bit harder to aim

PC only, but I heard that consoles are bugged by auto-aim, some sort of failed aimbot?

On PC, IMHO, it is fine, though the LMG’s are off compared to real life.
The upward pull is normal, the sway when shooting not so.
But… it’s a GAME, if the LMG would be shooting as in RL, not many a machine would have a lot of chance…

I’m on PS4 and as far as for my experience I have not noticed that there is any auto aim at all. And when using weapons full auto you have to use burst or it will climb. It might be that the aim isn’t as sensitive/precise on PS4 because of the controller but since I haven’t tried PC I can’t say for sure. But bugged I wouldn’t call it. Works fine for us in our group of friends.

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And yet so many ask for a toggle option to turn it off, as it interferes with their perfect aim…
Huh… tres very bizarromundo…

I know People have said that they get problem with aim wandering away to new enemies or dead ones i fire fights. I’ve never experienced that. But if I go full auto and the weapon climb. It doesn’t go down by it self I have to move it myself. At least I had to. Haven’t really played for months (since maybe july update) because of the constant crashes so can’t say how it works now.

Some months earlier i spoken about the PS4 auto-aim, it`s some sort of hidden feature, and it´s only noticed with some weapons i think, sometimes one wishes to aim ahead of a runner trajectory but the auto-aim kicks in and it keeps aiming at the current position of the machine, and not ahead.
Using more pressure with the analog sticks can help with the “auto-aim”.
I do not know about the PC version though.

Could it be because of any skills? I never put any points on weapon handling.

I´m not sure, but i almost don´t have any skills that improve aiming, and i`m almost sure i first noticed it before i had any skills.

There are skills that reduce recoil, bullet spread, etc.
None of them does anything even close to aim assist.

No, or PC would have this ‘feat’ too, I reckon.
Avalanche makes itself strong the be the SAME across ALL platforms, which is awesome…

I’ve never seen any gun on the ps4 snap to a target, if it did hitting them ticks when there leaping about would be easier!

I think in the Videos from tenebris he uses this aim assist to kill runners effitiently with his Magnus. When he goes ADS the gun snapes to the fuel cell of runners. This way he mostly oneshots runners.

It never ever snaps to anything when I play. And never has. I have to find the target myself.