Aim Assist Toggle Console/Controller

Hello! How many of y’all think that we should have an option to toggle on an off aim assist?

Big happy regards/ Knytte


I do. The aim assist doesn’t assist me it assist the robots. Pulls my cross hairs off target all the time.


Especially when they are moving or when I moved.

An often situation:
A hunter runs towards me and jumps. I shoot at him at the same time and move some steps forwards, then turn 180° and continue firing a the landed hunter… Or at least I try.

After the turn it’s almost impossible to immediatly target the hunter behind me.


This has been fixed with dark skies.

I only saw deadzone being fixed, but I’ll check again

It’s alot better but it still has aim assist, an option to turn it off wouldn’t be wrong

I just noticed the annoying “aim assist” in one situation again. If a hunter runs directly towards you and makes its jump-stab-attack and you dodge it by going towards him, then turn 180 degree and shoot at its back… There is the anti-aim-assist which pulls the crosshair slightly away from the target for a second. A worthful second, of course.

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Hi there, I’m playing on Xbox and I think the aim assist is to strong. Can we get an option to disable it?

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No need to create a new topic, we can bump your old one to the top since it’s still a valid request.


Does it reach to the developers? I´ve tried to tell them that this is a problem since the beta. I´m a big fan but that Aim Assist is really buggering me and I result in playing other games

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If there’s enough interest, sure. I can try poking someone about it.

You can see how strong the aim assist is with the exp KvM 89 at fully heated mode, it sometimes veers away from where your crosshair center aims by a full degree or two, aiming at the eye of a lynx would target the weapon instead for example.

Mmh, with my current settings I don’t see much from an autoaiming in general.

There was a time where it really was extreme and where it was almost impossible to aim at a moving target.

But that isn’t anymore the case for me.

I found it highly depended on weapon and distance, ADS seems to overwrite it, too, at least that’s on PC.

I don’t know which one it was, but there was an update which totally changed the behaviour or sensitivity while aiming or even looking around.

Since this update one the one hand I have the feeling of being more free in aiming (no more issues when trying to shoot at a moving target), but on the other hand it feels oversensitive. Maybe it depends on the weapon, maybe on the used scope,…
6c AG4 with 5c 1-4x scope is often really hard to hit the smaller moving targets while 6c PVG with 5c sniper scope is really smooth.

I registered because the aim assist is so unbearable on PS4. I am begging the devs, please, allow us to disable aim assist entirely on console.

Common issues:

  • If I try to line up my crosshairs with an enemy by strafing, it will begin turning in the opposite direction so that my crosshairs never touch the enemy. It forces me to circle-strafe around a point off to the side of the enemy I want to shoot, and thus can never actually shoot it.

  • If I try to turn to face an enemy and shoot it, the turn speed slows down as the enemy is closer to my crosshairs, causing my turning to fall short.

It feels incredibly bad to fumble a shot, not because of your own actions and skill, but because the game is actively fighting your controls. It doesn’t feel fair at all.

Controls need to be consistent in order to be intuitive. Having the aim speed slow down without player input prevents the player from having predictable controls. Same with the aim assist forcing you to turn when you only want to strafe to the side. Players shouldn’t have to predict how the aim assist will fight them in order to aim correctly.

It’s like your character has been modified by FNIX for remote control and it’s actively trying to aim away from its robots.

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aim assist should be removed instead of addding option to turn off or on.
main reason is it can be way more less bug if they just remove it. and bro, if you really want aim assist. just get good and then you dont need aim assist. most games i turn off aim assist. :slightly_smiling_face:

How old are you?
This game isn’t competive. It’s no sport. It’s for fun. And some of us even are beyond the 60 years old.
Those players don’t have the reactions or the muscle memory to aim like a young god.
Those maybe are glad for such helpful functions or features.

If they are helpful, indeed.

In my eyes aiming turned to be much better than in previous versions. The assist assisted to aim at what I didn’t want to aim at… Or to follow a seeker instead of aiming on it or in front of it.

This doesn’t happen anymore.

But it’s still quite different to a call of duty for example.

it still disturbs the older people from aim assist.

but i can also agree that you have a point that i didnt think about.

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Another bump, count this as TWO more people who would really love the option to completely disable the aim assist. Buddy looking over my shoulder is cursing the aim assist as I type this…

The behavior of the aim assist on the old XB1, at least, is inconsistent…tough to predict. It is therefore more of a hindrance than a help, at least for those of us who don’t need/want it and would like to turn it off.

We’ve both experienced it when firing from the hip and when aiming down the sights, be they iron or optical. Point of impact or line of fire not coinciding with point of aim or line of sight, as if the game thinks we’re trying to aim at some other part than what we actually intended to aim at…and odd ‘sticky’ motion that interferes with our actual control inputs. If we could just turn it off, we wouldn’t have to deal with any of that.