Aim, laggning, DC,


So i’ve noticed some bugs in this game.
First of all the aim especially when i use the sniper. I aim directly at the machines, from about 100 meter and still miss(?) You might think: Well get your aim up, but it doesn’t even register a shot on the body either, and a sniper should be able to hit almost in the middle of crosshair from 100 meters.

Now about the laggning. I play this with one more friend, and we have intel core i7 computers, with atleast 16 gb RAM, 1070 GTX. The game flows fine most of the times, but sometimes both me and my friend get to experience the “rubberband effect” and FPS drops. About a week ago my character flew 50 meters up in the air for no reason, and yesterday i was like a rubberband in game. Very annoying. Antoher thing that might be lagg or some kind of bug is that my friend don’t get loot from boxes that i get loot from. And no, it’s not only like 5 boxes that are empty for him. It can be 10 boxes in a row, from a bunker?? Very strange.

And the last thing, disconnecting This has happened twice for me, and since i was the host my friend also dc’d. I was just standing and checking my inventory and all of a sudden Generation Zero crashed. My friend experienced this aswell, but i was the host at that time so he could restard and join me again.

Hope you can fix these bugs, other than this it’s a fun game imo. Thanks



The scope is set to a specific range (50-100m?) and the bullets fly in a slight arc. Everything closer than the “zero-range” of the scope and you’ll have to aim slightly below.