Aiming sensitivity very high after Dark Skies update

Even after lowering it to minimum in the mouse settings menu, aiming with any magnified optic is twitchy and overly sensitive. As a side effect it makes the non-magnified weapon aiming super slow.

EDIT: I should add that I’m on PC / Steam.


Same thing here. Had to drop sensitivity to 10% to even play using my scope. Visual movement is also jumpy. Steam and I am playing on a PC.

Same. I think I have a sweetspot of 40%. But that needs far more testing and getting accustomed to to be certain. Not tried an non optic sight weapon as yet. Steam PC as well.

That’s the problem. That accelerated aiming is only on the optics, not on iron sights. So adjusting the sensitivity downward on the optic causes iron sight aiming to be super slow.

It was perfect before the update with the aim sensitivity at 50% for me. Both with optics and iron. Now I have optics to 10% to make them even remotely usable, and they’re still twitch af. And I have to scoot my mouse way across my pad to aim with non-magnified sights.

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Apparently turning on “proportional aiming” might fix the sensitivity issue.

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For PS5 with gamepad I turned on proportional aiming and set the sensitivity for right stick (look and aim) to 4.
Everything else I let the default setting (deadzones of 5).

Works for me ok. Isn’t like before, but that’s a matter of how my thumbs were used to it. Now it feels much better, more real, and the targeting isn’t sticking any more behind moving targets :+1:

I’m so glad that this is not only on my side. I tried to shoot at a Firebird and couldn’t hit a barn door when zoomed in… I also had to tone it down to at least 25% but needs more finetuning, still doesn’t feel like before the upgrade.

Same here. Started the game post update and ran smack into a Firebird which promptly blew me into next week because I could not aim at it due to aiming over sensitivity.

Proportional aiming toggle active is supposed to resolve that. Will try it tonight.

I guess that isn’t intended to be possible.
The changes seem to get so deep, that it’s just another feeling and not any more like before.

Even with slowest setting it just feels different. More free. More difficult. I have to work now to aim and stay on the target. Before it almost felt like an arcade shooter. Run and gun, quick aim and shoot, crosshair almost sticked on the targets…

With gamepad it’s ok. Just be sensitive with your thumbs. But I really don’t know how it’s for mouse and if it’s even possible to realize this sensitivity. For me aiming with mouse in earlier days when I played games on pc always seemed direct. With analog sticks on gamepad there is this acceleration depending on how far or fast you pull or push the trigger into a direction.

These differences have to be balanced for each input device. As it is now for gamepads, it’s ok for me. I have to get used to it and train my thumbs, because it always was different, but it feels better now.

I’m on PS4 and immediately noticed the sensitivity change. I’m not a fan of it, even when turning on the aim sensitivity. Seems that PC players have an option to make an adjustment by percentage but console players, or at least for PS4, do not. For me, the option is on or off - NOT helpful. I’d love an option to adjust it to my liking.

There are different options.
There is a slider for each stick for the sensitivity.
After the update these sliders stood on 8, I changed it to 4.

There are also options and sliders for deadzones.

And for aiming there is an additional option (under game options) for proportional aiming.

Its the same on the PS4.
I had to tone it down at the settings.

Aiming with the optics has become very difficult since the update, I hope that it will be made a little less sensitive again, especially at high sampling rates of the mouse, it jumps very badly when aiming, I’ve now switched to the red dot sight to even hit anything .

Try proportional aim sensitivity in the Options - Game - menu if you are playing on PC and try a aiming sensitivity setting of 50%.

At least that are the settings that work for me and I think it feels even better than before the update.
But that is obviously a personal taste thing so ymmv… :wink:

Have my PC set the same after some good help here on the forum. Settings work awesome for me.

I assume you’re on a PC? I’m on PS4 and there is no slider to choose a preference. I’m new to this game. Was this game originally designed for PC? Perhaps that’s why there are some differences.

You can change it at the settings.
I have mine at 3 or 4 too.

Nah @Madchaser plays on PS5. And those slider he’s talking about are on PS4. I know cause I play on PS4 and I had to change them.

Look at dualshock 4 settings.

After I replied yesterday, I went back in and saw that the settings are actually under the controller. For some reason I thought that it was a game play control. :confounded:

Thanks for everyone’s replies!

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