Airfield - Player Clipping through buildings

While I was trying to reach the top of the “tower” like building in F23 Överby airfield, I clipped through the roof of the building on to the ground and was trapped there.
I was hosting the game and was playing with a few friends.

The Building.

Roof not loading.

When I walked on it, I clipped through.


Hey, thanks for the report. It’s a known issue by now, I reckon something to do with a missing hitbox.
It’s bound to be fixed in the (hopefully not too distant) future. :+1:

Ya, Im hoping it would get patched soon.

I don’t know if it’s been reported before, but I’ll say it anyway, there’s a rather frustrating problem with the tallest building on the airfield: I literally go through the roof and fall all the way down, to then be blocked between 4 walls.

When I was fooled the first time, I didn’t see that the roof was visibly “holey” (it was dark), so I had to go all the way back to be able to take my screenshots :sweat:

If you don’t have anything to revive you, there’s a good chance you’ll die down there…

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I’ve just had this exact issue. If anyone needs help getting the two guns on the tower;

I simply jumped around and did a bit of parkour to get to the collectable and the two guns.

I fell through the tower’s roof of this building. I guess this means the ATC doesn’t have an interior? :stuck_out_tongue:
I can’t glitch out of the walls, nor do Field Radios work if you try placing one outside the building from the inside. At least I can Fast Travel out of it, though.

I wonder if anyone else has had this happen before?

just use the search next time to find it out.
There are about 2-3 new topics about this same issue every week.


Moved to existing topic. Please search next time, it is a well-documented issue.


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Yep, stopping me from completing the game 100%

I climbed to the top of the tower and fell through the building. It seemed like it wasn’t finished or something and said “Screw Physics you die!!”


It’s a known issue for some systems.
On what are you playing?
For me on playstation everything is fine there.

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I can confirm on my PS4 that this issue is present. amongst a few others. so not sure if its system thing or something else

at F23 Overby Air Base, i was exploring a building and fell through the floor, building on map linked as well as ss from inside the building

Please use the search function, this is a known issue.
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In my experience, I believe this issue is related to a small ‘performance/stability hotfix’ that may have happened way back in April.

It seems to impact not just this building, but tons of other assets all throughout the game. Not ‘all assets, everywhere’ but ‘some assets in many different places.’

There is/was a similar issue at Vesslan, outside the garage, regarding the boxes, vehicle station, and other assets near the storage building where the companion station is. Likewise, at a stone pile monument/cairn near a certain church in the north west end of the South Coast region. At Fiskeback, many objects (almost the entire town, around the gas station, or at least many assets, and a string of powerlines/posts) seem to be impacted. Practically ALL companion stations seem to also be afflicted.

It appears, to me, to be an issue with some bad ‘level of detail’ setting, or something. A rendering issue of sorts, something to do with bad distance/range data. A bit of bad spawn/rendering conditional scripting. I don’t know which different way of saying the same thing might come closest to being correct.

The issue does not seem to be consistent across different generation consoles. I’m on a plain old XB1, and these issues are painfully obvious and widespread—objects not loading in at all until they pop up under the player, or not loading in properly, despite sometimes being at ZERO DISTANCE, touching, or unloading instead of remaining loaded. Did some pretty thorough testing around with some other folks while part of a club, and one of the other guys was on an XB1S, and reported that he did have the same issue, but that it was not as noticeable for him in other places as I described to him. Another guy was on an XB1X, and claimed to have no issues whatsoever at the airfield roof, but DID see more obvious pop-in/pop-out elsewhere. Others on Series X consoles reported no issues at all. Others on plain old XB1 consoles like me reported the same issues as me at the time.

Likely that PS consoles with similar differences in generation/power see more or less the same differences.

Our findings in the club seemed to suggest that these issues were related somewhat to the decreased spawn/render range of other assets and enemies, apparently part of the ‘performance/stability hotfix’ that was supposedly intended to sacrifice render range for greater crash resistance. Smaller active radius around players in the game, fewer scenery objects loaded, fewer machines active or at least displayed, less strain on the system. Can’t say for certain that crash resistance really improved, but effective combat range sure as hell dropped like a rock.

XB1, maximum view range to enemy machines before the update was about 480m. After the update, that dropped by about HALF, to around 225~250m! No more maximum range .50 cal mayhem. Mentioned this elsewhere before, might have messed up a detail in the other post… Anyway, other users in the club on different tier machines reported different ranges when they checked things out, and ranges were different based on generation/power of the console. Worse than enemy spawns, scenery object spawns were noticeably shorter! Even shorter than the machine spawns. Machines render in before scenery objects like FNIX bases do, which can cause some machine/structure conflicts when the player does approach close enough for the structures to render in. Other structures behaved even more erratically, inconsistently. Different level of detail models/textures more obvious, object pop-in/pop-out painfully obvious on the lower end machines, and, worst of all perhaps, the airfield control tower roof unloads just as you reach it, just like so…

Bad update that should have been rolled back, waayyy back then, in my opinion.

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Platform: XB1

Description: överby air base highest building roof doesn’t load when we get to the top of the scafoldings and we fall trought

Steps To Reproduce: climbing the scafoldings and at the very top just before stepping on the roof the map unloads it and we fall trough

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: solo

Players in your game: none


XBox one S

i fell threw it a couple weeks ago :snowflake: I was able to pick up snowballs inside, when winter event was active, lol lol lol

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Just to mentioned that not everyone is affected: