Algstudare Crash, Attachment and Ammo Bug

Anytime I try to put the Algstudare rifle back in my storage, it causes the game to crash every time. Also when attachments are taken off, menu says there are two attachments for extended mags and barrel attachments. This appears even when all attachments are put in the storage box, game will still register that the attachment is sill on the gun. Ammo will sometimes not appear in the ammo count when loading ammo in to all guns. This gun fixes itself when another player drops any type of ammo for any gun and that given ammo is put in the gun, the ammo count registers that and shows the correct amount. Please acknowlege this for bug fixes for new patch.

Have the same issue but with a PVG90.
I can move it around the inventory but not use it or put it in storage.

Everything else in storage and inventory works but this single weapon is bugged.

PC / Win 10 fully updated/GTX1080Ti.

I guess I need to send my save game to the support adress so they get a good test case and I guess they would appreciate more saves with the same bug.

Sent my save to the support email address this evening. Hopefully it will help resolve the issue

The issue still exists for me in the September release. Sent a crash dump with refereence to my support case.