Aliens? Dark skies!

I don’t think that there will be aliens.
It would give the game a strange taste, almost like if there would come dinosaurs.

It wouldn’t fit the games intention and direction.

There will hopefully just be the missing soviet units, for which we already see the blueprints in the log. I guess it will be a medium sized flying unit as a mix of seekers, hunters and maybe tanks.

I once suggested a flying unit like the hunter killer from the terminator movies, which patrol the landscape and try to find and kill survivors. I really hope it will be like this and that they will bring us a new level of danger and fear.

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Like Madchaser I also don’t think the game is going to introduce extraterrestrial contact. I have no idea if the update title Dark Skies will be literal. :coffee:

Maybe nights will be longer :crazy_face:


I hope not, I like the daylight better. :grin: The nighttime is straining my eyes a lot more.

I seriously doubt there would be Aliens in this. All the direction and the hints we have gotten is that we did this to ourselves. And that’s the “Message,” such as it is.

Besides, it would make Calle right about something, and we cant have that.

I would like dinosaurs :frowning:

Play this :wink:


:scream: We finally get an APO class seeker… :man_shrugging:


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Does it have Sharks with laser beams? No? :frowning:

You also have the Second Exctinction game.
We dont need dinos here.


It would be cool, if it would be a machine which patrols primary at night.

There could really be some more differences in the machines depending on region, weather and time of day.

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what about dinosaurs with brain chips? ^^ Some mad sienctist made som cyborg dino

Huh. that cant be a NATO UfO, it does not have any advertising on the side!!

Looks great :slight_smile: Kinda hoping its a new Soviet machine they are a bit lonely with just two.

Aliens? No, the Danes are coming!! :joy:


Hahaha noo not the danes! haha :smiley: ( Honestly other nordic characters in the game would be lit

A reminder guys, don’t post any datamined content here. Tenebris Infinite’s video comes to mind.
I’ve had to do some cleanup already. I’ve also moved this to #general-discussion.


It could be but I don’t think so. UFO, only means that the flying object is unidentified, not necessarily that it’s from a off-world origine. Since we know that there are 3 more blueprints to find for the Soviet machines, it is most probably a soviet flying machine.

@Knytte Would you like it if extraterrestrial beings were introduced to the game?

I don’t mind if it’s the russians ,I just find the thought of it’s possibilities to be anything pretty intresting :slight_smile:

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