All items in inventory have disappeared

Platform: PC

Description: I recently purchased the alpine unrest dlc which i was very excited to try but when i loaded into the game my entire inventory was gone. I had almost all of the experimental weapons and if i cant get them back i will defiantly uninstall this buggy game. I spent hours getting those guns and i will be pissed if they cant be restored

Steps to reproduce: I think it was because i purchased the new dlc because i played earlier without the dlc and had all my guns and after i bought the dlc they disappeared


no other players in game’

Update: My stuff has returned but it sometimes when i relaunch the game it happens again but the fix seems to be just relaunching the game many times until it returns. Other then that annoyance the new dlc is awesome keep up the good work devs but please focus on making the core of the game better and fixing more of the bugs

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Glad to hear it’s resolved. It sounds like a bug nonetheless, so we’ll have to be on the lookout for it.

its terrible to lose all inv and progress , i have had it happen too a few times. glad to hear you got it back. generationzero forums is very cool with helping out , this is definitely the right place to ask for help if you get probs. hope your gaming goes smoothly from now on.