All machine kills reset

Havn’t been able to find anything regarding this issue, making me believe that it’s a one-off incident. I had around 20k machine kills on my character before it randomly reset back to 83 kills. I have tried switching characters, worlds, restarting the game, client (microsoft), and essentially everything besides uninstalling. I honestly don’t know what to do for a fix.

Platform is Microsoft, PC.

Ended up playing a little bit, but yeah ive got more relay disables than kills mainly as proof. Not exactly fond of the idea of having to dig through a year of clips to find definitive proof of it.

It’s just a bad statistics.
Compare your stats in the log screen for all, char1, char2 and so on.

Do any values there fit your real and your shown amount?

No, I used to have the kills on my first character. It shows the 119 on all characters and both worlds. As well as in the Xbox app.

Even on the log screen → statistics?

sorry i dont see that anywhere, might be blind. mind elaborating on where to find that?

See picture: Go to LOG, then STATS, then LIFETIME STATS.

sorry for late response, but yeah it’s still bugged. And for whatever reason, while it shows 170 lifetime kills I have 1,700 lynx kills and 400 harvester kills. Not sure whats going on with it

I also had the same thing happen to me my lifetime stats got reset

I did reset my main characters world because I ran into the PlayStation safe house bug but that shouldn’t have been the affect that reset them.

Saw somebody on XBox asking about this, a day or so ago. Told him I’d seen others mention it a few times, and that nobody has any idea what causes it, how it happens, why it happens, etc.

The stat tracking in this game seems like it has always been whacko, though, for at least as long as I’ve been playing it. A year plus. How other more long-term veterans have talked about it, it seems like the stats have always been unreliable.

Fine by me; stats don’t mean JACK, anyway.

But, IF the game is gonna track’em, it would’ve been nice if it would do it correctly. Solo, co-op, from one character and one world to the next, every which way the stats are supposed to be handled, they should have been handled better at all times, if they were going to be handled at all.

“0” Firebirds, while crouching dangerously. Ace book-keeping.

The stats have a weird history.

When we just had one world, the stats were quite fine.
As far as I remember we just had one list with stats. Not one for overall and one for each character.

There was just one value that was broken somehow. I just say 49 days… “Longest time in battle” or so.

With the 4 worlds they also changed the appearence of the stats screen and since then it is completly broken in my eyes.

And it’s still missing a value for destroyed reapers.

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It would have been nice too if they took overall experience points and turned them into total skill points when they made all the changes to the stats. Mine is currently somewhere around 14+ million. It would get me a little closer to the 10,000 skill points!

This latest update might have done a little to try and get stat-tracking working better, again. I now see my Firebird kills. At least some of them, anyway. So, they might be gradually getting things straightened out on that front, as well.

This update has been a big step in the right direction in plenty of other more significant ways, too. Progress in a good way.

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