All missions in the game in order of appearance

As the completionist I am, I found it quite tedious to know whether I had done all missions in the game or not. The missions are listed on the Generation Zero wiki but they are not in the same order as they appear in-game. So I made a new list where I wrote the missions EXACTLY in the same order as they appear in the Log of the game.

If your Log has any omissions from this list, it means you have uncompleted missions there.
(I’m doing this on PC, but I suspect the missions list appear in the same order on console as well).

Here is the entire list (click to see the list)

Break of Dawn


The Farm

The Road to Salthamn

The Home Team

Old Bettan

The Hunter

One Can Only Hope

Shooting Practice

Unbearable Lightness

Road Rage

The Path of the Gods

Strength in Numbers

Calling for Help

Over and Out

First Contact


Another Castle

Warboard - Minken Bunker

Seeds of Doubt

Treasure Hunt

Beyond the Barricade

At Death’s Door

Safe Harbor

No Rest for the Weary

Secret Cargo

The Fallen

To the Lighthouse

Spiking the Guns

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Warboard - Sorken Bunker

Hogging Supplies

Of Machines and Men

Total Defense

On the Road

Stealing from the Poor

Lone Wolf


Law of the Land


Flying Blind

Warboard - Mården Bunker

Hazardous Contents

Exchange Student

Scrap Metal


Tilting at Windmills

Courage, Power and Resilience

Flying Objects

The Gas Factory

Warboard - Uttern Bunker

Supply Run

The Gun Club

Out Hiking

Top of the World

Prospect Tunnel

Zero Hour

Lost and Found

Back on Track

Radio Silence

Warboard - Skvadern Bunker


Special Delivery

Gas Run

Last Stand

Emergency Supplies

A Place to Rest

Line of Fire

The Bridge

The Old Guard

Warboard - Hermelinen Bunker

The Spotter

History Repeats Itself

Troll Toll

Left Behind

The Ruin of Many a Poor Man

Heavy Loadout

Loud and Clear

Science of Deduction

The Command Bunker Network

The Enemy of my Enemy

Empty Spaces

A Wrench in the Works

Behind the Curtain


wow mate , nice work !


no worries mate! glad it could help :wink:


Aye that is great work , A Check list ’ in order ’ , this will help all on here a lot , like button pressing time up the top :point_up: so it is,

Excellent idea…found my missing mission…FAB

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Very nice - could be further improved by tagging if it is a side mission or main mission :slight_smile:

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Really appreciate this, thank you sir! When I complete the game I’ll verify for consoles, I’m on an Xbox One so I’ll double check them upon completion and let you know!

Sorry to bump this if the project has been abandoned, but…has it been abandoned? If not, is there a continuation on another topic somewhere?

Thanks for the work you put into this. It has helped me greatly.

Here’s the full list of missions in order of appearance in the log prior to the New Dawn Update.

Main Missions
  1. Break of Dawn (Intro Mission)

  2. Sanctuary (Intro Mission)

  3. The Farm (Intro Mission)

  4. The Road to Salthamn (Intro Mission)

  5. The Home Team (Warboard, Archipelago)

  6. Calling for Help (Archipelago)

  7. Over and Out (Archipelago)

  8. First Contact (Archipelago)

  9. Beachhead (Archipelago)

  10. Another Castle (Archipelago)

  11. Warboard - Minken Bunker (Warboard, South Coast)

  12. Spiking the Guns (South Coast)

  13. The Girl Who Cried Wolf (South Coast)

  14. Warboard - Sorken Bunker (Warboard, Farmlands)

  15. Refueling (Farmlands)

  16. Flying Blind (Farmlands)

  17. Warboard - Mården Bunker (Warboard, Forest)

  18. Courage, Power and Resilience (Forest)

  19. Flying Objects (Forest)

  20. The Gas Factory (Forest)

  21. Warboard - Utten Bunker (Warboard, Mountains)

  22. Lost and Found (Mountains)

  23. Back on Track (Mountains)

  24. Radio Silence (Mountains)

  25. Warboard - Skvadern Bunker (Warboard, Marshlands)

  26. Line of Fire (Marshlands)

  27. The Bridge (Marshlands)

  28. The Old Guard (Marshlands)

  29. Warboard - Hermelinen Bunker (Warboard, North Coast)

  30. Loud and Clear (North Coast)

  31. Science of Deduction (North Coast)

  32. The Command Bunker Network (Warboard, Östertörn)

  33. The Enemy of My Enemy (Marshlands, Final Four)

  34. Empty Spaces (Forest, Final Four)

  35. A Wrench in the Works (Mountains, Final Four)

  36. Behind the Curtain (Warboard, North Coast, Finale)

  37. Not Alone (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  38. For the Sick and the Injured (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  39. Make Some Noise (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  40. Arms Race (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  41. Nothing but the Snow (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  42. Fighting the Cold (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  43. The Hellmouth (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  44. Ghosts of the Past (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  45. The Resistance (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll, Finale)

  46. Where the Sun Sets (FNIX Rising, Archipelago)

  47. The Ringfort (FNIX Rising, Archipelago)

  48. Tidal Wave (FNIX Rising, Farmlands)

  49. Piece by Piece (FNIX Rising, Farmlands)

  50. Test Run (FNIX Rising, Farmlands)

  51. Clearing the Path (FNIX Rising, Farmlands)

  52. On the Side of the Road (FNIX Rising, South Coast)

  53. Wages of Fear (FNIX Rising, South Coast)

  54. New Cycles (FNIX Rising, South Coast)

  55. Good Night (FNIX Rising, South Coast, Finale)

Side Missions
  1. Old Bettan (Archipelago)

  2. The Hunter (Archipelago)

  3. One Can Only Hope (Archipelago)

  4. Shooting Practice (Archipelago)

  5. Unbearable Lightness (Archipelago)

  6. Road Rage (Archipelago)

  7. The Path of the Gods (Archipelago)

  8. Strength in Numbers (Archipelago)

  9. Seeds of Doubt (South Coast)

  10. Treasurer Hunt (South Coast)

  11. Beyond the Barricade (South Coast)

  12. At Death’s Door (South Coast)

  13. Safe Harbor (South Coast)

  14. No Rest for the Weary (South Coast)

  15. Secret Cargo (South Coast)

  16. The Fallen (South Coast)

  17. To the Lighthouse (South Coast)

  18. Hogging Supplies (Farmlands)

  19. Of Machines and Men (Farmlands)

  20. Total Defense (Farmlands)

  21. On the Road (Farmlands)

  22. Stealing from the Poor (Farmlands)

  23. Lone Wolf (Farmlands)

  24. Colonists (Farmlands)

  25. Law of the Land (Farmlands)

  26. Hazardous Contents (Forest)

  27. Exchange Student (Forest)

  28. Scrap Metal (Forest)

  29. Woodcutter (Forest)

  30. Tilting at Windmills (Forest)

  31. Supply Run (Mountains)

  32. The Gun Club (Mountains)

  33. Out Hiking (Mountains)

  34. Top of the World (Mountains)

  35. Prospect Tunnel (Mountains)

  36. Zero Hour (Mountains)

  37. Contraband (Marshlands)

  38. Special Delivery (Marshlands)

  39. Gas Run (Marshlands)

  40. Last Stand (Marshlands)

  41. Emergency Supplies (Marshlands)

  42. A Place to Rest (Marshlands)

  43. The Spotter (North Coast)

  44. History Repeats Itself (North Coast)

  45. Troll Toll (North Coast)

  46. Left Behind (North Coast)

  47. The Ruin of Many a Poor Man (North Coast)

  48. Heavy Loadout (North Coast)

  49. Father and Son (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  50. A Light in the Dark (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  51. Unfinished Investigation (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  52. Last Resort (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  53. The Response (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  54. Normal Lives (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  55. Capitulation (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  56. Stalemate (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  57. Behind Closed Doors (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  58. The Secluded (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  59. Unorthodox Skiing (Alpine Unrest, Himfjäll)

  60. Never Trust Anyone (FNIX Rising, Farmlands)

  61. In the Face of Adversity (FNIX Rising, Farmlands)

  62. Summer Vacation (FNIX Rising, Farmlands)

  63. We Are the Resistance (FNIX Rising, South Coast)

  64. Fighting the Future (FNIX Rising, South Coast)

  65. The Hatches (FNIX Rising, South Coast)

  66. Energy Independence (FNIX Rising, South Coast)

  67. Synapses (FNIX Rising, South Coast)

  68. Fuel to the Fire (FNIX Rising, South Coast)

  69. The Virus (FNIX Rising, South Coast)

  70. Good News (Base Defense, Forest)

  71. Foreign Machines (Soviet Storyline, Marshlands)

  72. One Last Excursion (Soviet Storyline, Marshlands)

MIA: Our New Home (Base Defense, Forest)


Thank you, Vlad! This will help me greatly in my fan fiction!

Will you be posting an update to the list after the New Dawn Update?

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If anything changes, I will update the list accordingly. We know that the intro missions are getting revamped in New Dawn, so things might get shuffled around or altered a bit.

If you’re looking for a good overview of the timeline of missions and the game in general to help with writing, then I would suggest taking a look at the expansive timeline originally started by @Aesyle and kept up by @Gysbert below:

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This is gold. Thank you.

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Well, New Dawn’s out and it seems like missions now appear in the log in the order that you completed them. Making another list would be pointless now.

New Dawn has massively reworked the intro missions, but the only thing that would change in my original list is that “The Road to Salthamn” has been split in two.

When you reach the Salthamn Bunker, “The Road to Salthamn” ends and then a new mission called “Civil Defense” begins. “Civil Defense” is the reworked version of the last section of the original “The Road to Salthamn”, where you have to search the houses of the civil defense members to figure out where everyone got evacuated. Then “The Home Team” picks up where it used to, mostly.

New Dawn Intro Missions, Chronological
  1. Break of Dawn

  2. Sanctuary

  3. The Farm

  4. The Road to Salthamn

  5. Civil Defense

  6. The Home Team