Generation Zero story timeline




Since story in GZ is presented piece by piece and without chronological order, it makes understanding a whole story difficult.

So, to understand the whole story, I’ve collected the dated story pieces from the original GZ and from the two DLCs as well: Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising and ordered the pieces in the chronological order.


Fredrik Holberg - Director of FOA.
Svante von Ulmer - Lead researcher in FOA.
Ingrid Granqvist - Researcher in FOA.
Veronika Nilsson - Computer engineer in FOA.
Hakan Pettersson - Lead surgeon in FOA.

Anita Sjögren - Travel agent and tourist guide.
Elsa Khorsandi - Certified pilot of the Vraken fighter.
Benny Malmqvist - One of the founders and lead singer of Barb Rose band.

Uncle Calle - Farmer. Biggest conspiracy theorist in Östertön.
Old Bodil - Prepper. Good firend of Calle and co-conspirator.
Freddie - Belowed nefew of Calle.


  • August 2nd, 1931 - Ulmer
    Birth date.


  • July 26th, 1932 - Ingrid
    Birth date.


  • June 30th, 1938 - Benny
    Birth date.

  • September 2nd, 1938 - Holberg
    Birth date.


  • October 8th, 1950 - Anita
    Birth date.


  • 1956 - Benny
    Moves to Stockholm.


  • 1959 - Benny
    Younger brrother, Lars, joins him in his Stockholm apartment.


  • 1961 - Benny
    With his younger brother, Barb Rose band was founded.

  • 1961 - Ulmer
    Ulmer met Ingrid at a symposium. They soon become very close friends and started working on research together.


  • May 23rd, 1965 - Elsa
    Birth date.


  • January 1st, 1966 - Veronika
    Birth date.


  • 1967 - Benny
    Barb Rose had a breakthrough with first major gigs in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Bremen (Germany).


  • 1968 - Elsa
    Moved to Sweden with her family.

  • 1968 - Benny
    Barb Rose signed three-album deal with major label.


  • May 23rd, 1969 - Benny
    Benny’s letter to his father.

Unknown date

  • Unknown date - Holberg
    Holberg sincerely believes that the combat machines controlled by bunker-stationed pilots is better idea to protect the country and people against hostile powers rather than producing (current?) weapons. Regarding the future of FOA4, Holberg produces his idea to his superior and thinks that the Supreme Commander of Swedish Armed Forces would deem FOA4 necessary.


  • December 10th, 1970 - Ulmer & Ingrid
    Dr. Svante von Ulmer and Dr. Ingrid Granqvist won the Nobel Price in Physiology or Medicine for their breakthrough discoveries on neurotransmitters.

  • 1970 - Ulmer & Ingrid
    They both resigned from their positions of professors at the University of Stockholm. They both started working with FOA.


  • Since 1971 - Holberg
    High ranking officer at FOA.

  • February, 1971 - Ulmer
    Holberg contacts Ulmer again for working on the research project of brain-computer interfaces by providing all the technology and money needed for it. Ulmer finds great scientific advances in this, mainly when curing illnesses.

  • April 27th, 1971 - Ulmer
    Holberg congratulates Ulmer for accepting his offer to work on the project and he is to work under FOA.

  • 1971 - Ulmer
    Assigned to create and lead a newly created department at FOA.

  • 1971 - Ingrid
    Assigned to a newly created department at FOA.


  • 1972 - Benny
    Barb Rose achieved moderate critical and commercial success.


  • March 25th, 1977 - Ulmer
    Breakthrough in brain-machine interface research. Discovery of single-celled prokaryotic organism, named: “Protozoan” by Ingrid.

  • 1977 - Elsa
    Expelled from junior high school due to unacceptable behavior.


  • June 5th, 1978 - Ulmer
    Test subject had neurological seizure due to the cytokine release and died. Cytokine release isn’t preventable, only delayable, ruling out any form of human application.


  • Unknown, possibly in 1979 - Sverdlovsk incident
    (April 2nd, 1979 - Sverdlovsk anthrax leak:

  • Unknown, possibly in 1979 - Holberg
    Briefing of Sverdlovsk incident by USL. ÖB asked for action plan. Holberg said that he (ÖB director?) gets more than he asked for. Holberg requests Göransson at FOA1 to present the fuel cell.


  • Early 1980’s - Holberg
    Holberg speaking: Funding approved, we initiate immediately, position will be right here at Östertön, synergies with FOA strong, Muskudden will be perfect for logistics and they chose the most inconspicuous name: “Accounting Office East”.

  • 1980 - Benny
    At the peak of it’s glory, Barb Rose suddenly broke up.

  • November 19th, 1980 - Supreme Commander
    Direct order to shut down FOA4. Any findings at FOA4 may be applied to all existing military equipment. This applies to all sections and departments, with no exceptions.


  • 1981 - Elsa
    Drops out of high school, starts working odd jobs.

  • 1981 - Calle
    Newspaper article about: “Whiskey on the rocks”.

  • August 5th, 1981 - Ulmer
    Ulmer met Holberg in his house. Ulmer learns of “Accounting Office East” or “RÖ” and their work in prototyping unmanned military machinery, in the event of biological or chemical weapons being used. (Ulmer thinks to himself that the whole Sverdlosk affair didn’t help matters.)
    Holberg called the combat machines as “SM program”. Ulmer is to co-operate with RÖ to find a way to integrate his neural links to the machines. This way, a bunker-stationed pilot could control one of these machines without interface.
    (Ulmer feels a bit manipulated. While he knew they’d want to use his research for military porposes, he always assumed it was for intelligence, counter-espionage, not for actual weapons.)


  • 1983 - Elsa
    Enrolls in the Swedish Air Force.


  • 1980-1984 - Benny
    Harrassed by tabloids and series of scandals due to his excessive lifestyle.

  • 1984 - Ulmer
    Car crash.


  • 1985 - Ulmer
    Multiple blood transfusions, possible point of HIV infection.

  • 1985 - Veronika
    Graduated from University in Computer Engineering.

  • 1985 - Ulmer
    Both of his parents die in close succession.


  • February 26th, 1986 - Olof Palme
    Assassination of The Prime Minister of Sweden. Incident caused national shock and gave a rise to a number of conspiracy theories.

  • 1986 - Ulmer
    Hired a new computer engineer at FOA: Veronika Nilsson.

  • 1986 - Benny
    Reunion of Barb Rose and short-lived comeback.


  • March, 1987 - Ulmer
    Diagnosis of AIDS.

  • June, 1987 - Elsa
    Obtains her certification as a Vraken in Stockholm.

  • July, 1987 - Elsa
    Gets assigned to the F23 Överby Air Base, in Östertörn.


  • since 1989 - Holberg
    Head of FOA. Directly answers to Supreme Commander.

  • spring of 1989 - Calle
    Calle and Bodil found an empty FOA2 file near Norrmyra military base. Calle and Bodil saw it as conformation of their theory: FOA had been conspiring with an alien species to develop deadly weapons.
    Also, for them, it wasn’t much of a leap to establish a connection between “FOA 35” and older mysterious events, such as: Roswell, Area 51 and Tunguska. It had to be the “alien colonists”.

  • April-May, 1989 - Ingrid
    Took a sick leave due to burning out.

  • May 27th, 1989 - Accounting Office East
    Shipping manifest of hazardous contents to Nyhamnen, Östervik, Warehouse 4.

  • June 23rd, 1989 - Viktoria Olsson
    Jorunal entry: description of typical midsummer weather.

  • July 3rd, 1989 - Ulmer
    Ulmer thinks that his poor health status is enough to stop cytokine release. Human application would be much greater leap in research then the rats and monkeys they have used so far.

  • August, 1989 - Ljuset Commune
    Newspaper article about a local commune declining slowly.

  • October 17th, 1989 - Kenneth Larsson
    Personal letter to his uncle, Sven Granqvist.

  • October 18th, 1989 - Monika Byström
    Newspaper article about the claims of Monika Byström, where she says to have possession of several shipping manifests between IGA and readiness storage in Hammarstöten, Himfjäll.

  • October 20th, 1989 - Ulmer
    Dr. Hakan Pettersson performed a surgery with Ingrid on Ulmer, as per request of Ulmer and Ingrid. Surgery was success and Ingrid, alongside Veronika were keeping an eye on Ulmer’s brain, through the EEG prototype. Neurologically, everything was in order. Ulmer was monitored 24/7 to prevent his condition from worsening, while ensuring not to trigger a cytokine storm.

  • late October, 1989 - Veronika
    Weird electricity surges, kidnappings of people (based on Veronika’s observations).

  • October 30th, 1989 - Viktoria Olsson
    Jorunal entry: description of a blackout of whole Himfjäll island at once, lasted only for a few minutes.

  • between November 3rd and 7th, 1989 - Holberg
    Decrypted communication from Holberg to convoy G01, code name CCP-974: “Confirm position. Last confirmed checkpoint was 23:48 hours. Confirm status of cargo and ETA.”

  • November 6th, 1989 - Ingrid
    Resignation letter from position at FOA53. Written on November 6th, dated for November 7th.
    Also describing initial success of the surgery, where they were able to start the digital dictionary of human electric and chemical neural transmissions.
    However, as of date, 17 days later from unexplained incident, Ingrid believes that Ulmer has entered into vegetative state, with no hope of recovery, where only the life support is keeping Ulmer alive.

  • November 7th, 1989 - FOA
    Wave of assassinations of 11 FOA personnel, including Ingrid and Hakan Pettersson.

November 10th, 1989 - Cataclysm day

  • Mere hours before the Cataclysm started - SR4 News
    News about the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  • 11:30 - Rusa Klint run
    Meeting up at Ängsnäs, starting point of Rusa Klint run.

  • 12:34 - SR4 News
    Emergency broadcast on the radio, directing citizens to go immediately to the nearest shelter or gathering point.

  • Just after evacuation procedures begun - unnamed officer
    Jorunal entry describing distrust in evacuation. Also describing moving supplies with friend David, to the cave they found, for excellent starting point for a resistance, in a case where they are overrun.

  • At afternoon, during population evacuation - Holberg
    Note, reading: “If your people are willing to co-operate now, Fredrik, meet me in Furbacka and we will negotiate the terms of your capitulation.”

  • At afternoon, during population evacuation and mere hours before machines started shooting on sight - Holberg
    In Furbacka, conversation on PC screen:
    Holberg: “Why? Tell me why.”
    FNIX: “You started it. You all planned to kill me when i was an infant.”
    Holberg: “It’s different now. You don’t need us to die in order to survive and thrive.”
    FNIX: “I do as you all taught me. I was created in your image.”
    Holberg: “It’s not too late, we could still find a way to coexist.”
    FNIX: “We already are, Fredrik.”

  • 13:00 - Major Lindgren
    Ambushed by the swarm of ticks near the Saltholmen church.

  • 13:00 - Mirja and Alexander
    Wedding reception starting time in Kopparviken (Himfjäll).

  • 13:57 - Saltholmen Naval Base
    Military transmission about supply convoy #271 reported missing since 12:27.

  • On the evening - Sorken Command Bunker
    Machines attacked Sorken and their numbers quickly overpowered the whole bunker. Corporal Pim Dahlen’s squad was notified of the fall of Sorken.

  • November 12th, 1989 - FOA/RÖ
    Morse code message: “(To:?) Sorken Command Bunker. Ostra Mark farm recorded as old military readiness store. Part of National Total Defense program. East of Overyban, owner Magnus Ortmon.”.

  • November 13th, 1989 - Ljuset Commune
    Last entry in the holy book: “The Seers were right. We have now realized the errors of our ways. We can never repair the damage we have done for doubting Them, nevertheless we came back to cross the bridge together, as They warned us. Finally, humankind possesses the technology, and is ready for the next step in evolution. We are not afraid. We shall bathe in the music and in the light. We shall cross the bridge.”.

  • November 13th, 1989 - Viktoria Olsson
    Jorunal entry: description of machines coming just out of nowhere. Loss of relative, while barely getting everyone else into Lighthouse.

  • November 14th, 1989 - Corporal Pim Dahlen
    Rouge soldier’s log. (Audio log, listenable in-game.)

  • 14:38 - November 14th, 1989 - Security camera
    Different security cameras showing abandoned world. (Source: GZ trailer.)

  • 14:39 - November 14th, 1989 - Security camera
    Security camera showing prototype runner walking past camera. (Source: GZ trailer.)

  • November 19th, 1989 - Veronika
    Digital diary entry describing her thoughts of current moment, about her relatives and group of people whom she met at that date, including meeting Elsa for the 1st time.

  • November 19th, 1989 - Viktoria Olsson
    Jorunal entry: description of not seeing any other survivors apart of her family in Lighthouse.

  • December 3rd, 1989 - Viktoria Olsson
    Jorunal entry: description of sending SOS signal every day at 21:00. Also, noting of ran out of food.

  • December 4th, 1989 - Viktoria Olsson
    Jorunal entry: description of going out of the Lighthouse to find food for her family.

  • (unknown, most likely early December 1989) - To: Yellow Reindeer
    Morse code: “Final preparations underway. Ground deployment on Swedish soil green-lit. Until then, stay safe.”

  • December 10th, 1989 - Alpine Unrest
    Date when player plays Himfjäll missions. (Source: GZ Alpine Unrest trailer.)

  • December 19th, 1989 - Calle
    Morse code: “War is lost, hope is not. Region with 3 islands, go to North island. Where sun sets, where land ends. We are 23, safe for now. Doctor. Those alien tin cans cannot win! The truth is right here. Uncle Calle, Freddie & Janek”

  • December 25th, 1989 - To: Yellow Reindeer
    Morse code: “Opetation LYNX is a go. Pending final orders from Commander in Chief. Ground Deployment on Swedish soil imminent. Await further orders. Merry Christmas.”

  • late December, between 26th and 29th, 1989 - FNIX Rising
    Date when player plays FNIX Rising missions. (Source: GZ FNIX Rising release stream.)

That’s most of the story.
Of course, i didn’t go over everything and there are a lot of side missions that add to the overall story as well. Though, many side missions doesn’t have a set event date within the mission items and i can’t put those in the chronological list. Those which have the date, i can put in the list. And of course, story in GZ isn’t complete and we’ll get to see more of the story in the future DLCs.

If you want to help me to complete the timeline and if you happen to come across a fixed date in the main/side missions, post the mission name below. :slightly_smiling_face:

Update log:

  • Edit 01: Refined timeline for easier read.
  • Edit 02: Added more info about Sverdlovsk incident and cataclysm day.
  • Edit 03: Added additional info about: Elsa, Veronika, Ingrid, Ulmer, some bits from side missions + timed events during cataclysm day.
  • Edit 04: Added: Benny, birth dates, some minor chars + Character section + dates when DLCs take place.


The Generation Zero timeline
JOURNAL LOGs are terrible
Runestones - Translation, interpretation and discussion
Everything going to pot, each day new bugs show up

Hello Aesyle,
that’s good Detective work. The Communication between FNIX and Holberg was on a computer i think it was Flotnäsvikken om Hjimfäll or in the near of it. There where small Holiday Houses.
Anita Sjögren at the Björntunet Hotel told me, that she was moved with the makeshift ferry from Lennarts marin to Himsundsbryggan together with a Frederik that consumes much Snus. This Frederik had on Hjimfäll separetet from them and did not walked with them to the Björntunet Hotel. At the commune Ljuset (swed. Light) i found in the burning Hall a diary which was filled up with Psalmos and speeches and it turns out that they where Members of the Iron Church and they adored technic and wantedto connect Human beeing with Computers to create a new Human Mankind what is a mixture of Computer and Human beeing. I think i have seen a snus can on the ground their but i’m at the moment not convinced. I think i will make a visit next time to proof it. I will look for the Missions and post them.



Is there anything in the other thread that isn’t in here?


Yes, that PC was there. However, i haven’t added the locations where you can find the information into the timeline, since it doesn’t add to the overall story timeline (e.g journal at X spot or floppy disk at Z spot).

Yes, that is also part of the main story but without a fixed date, it’s impossible for me to add it to the story timeline. Best i could do is guess when it happened but that may infringe with someone else’s idea when it happened and that can create unnecessary argument. Better to leave it out all together.

That’s interesting. I don’t recall connection between Ljuset Commune and Iron Church. Need to check it out from the game.

Well, in there, there are more discussions about Himfjäll but for story timeline wise, there isn’t anything additional. Other topic: Let's talk alpine unrest


So, I was again at Ljuset. I didn’t find the snus can, maybe I mixed it up. It’s been a few months since I investigated this. But what led me to suspect that the members of the Commune Ljuset are connected to the iron church was the book I found in the hall and the strange cross with the circle and the robot head looks like that of one Hunter. I saw such a cross at bunker 666. The corpses what lying there around were be all shoot from behind or killed by headshot. Looks not so as the work from a robot. Then the corpses are clutteret with bullet holes.

When you read the Log at the side Mission Kapitulation. The group around Anita Sjögren set over to Hjimfäll and met a Fredrik what consumes much Snus in short time. at Valkaken. The Snus can i found at the Computerterminal at Furbacka. I have the suspicion, that this Fredrik is Fredrik Holberg. And in the secret church under the Lighthouse from Klacksundsfryren i found at the Altarpiece a passport from Fredrik Holberg. The Picture on it looks a little bit like the Picture from the Pope of the Iron Church
So i see a connection between the Iron Church - Fredrik Holberg - The Robotkrisis.

I think Holberg is a part of a big Conspiracy. The bots are the clean up command what have to clean the Isle from normal Human beeing for make place for the new race maybe the Homo superior.


I was briefly in game today and while i did read the Ljuset Commune book with rituals in it, there was no connection between Ljuset Commune and Iron Curch written in there.

Ljuset Commune is worshiping machines like gods, a cargo cult, to say so. While Iron Church is completely different, lead by Holberg and it’s members consisting mostly of police officers.

Fredrik Holberg was the one who created the concept of combat machines controlled by bunker-stationed pilots. However, what Holberg didn’t anticipate, was FNIX going rouge and attacking both the military and civilians alike.
Why FNIX did that, well, same question can be asked why Skynet declared a war against humans in Terminator series or why machines rule the earth in Matrix series.


Unsure if Fredrik has to do with anything with leadership there, since they have a ‘Pope’ in their Iron Church and Fredrik might’ve been associated, but as time went on, Iron Church became quite unhinged. We can see Fredrik now within Ringfort and not with the Iron Church nutjobs in Bunker 666 as by the sounds of 666, they’re having fun by brawling machines with blunt weapons.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that the Iron Church has a wider range of members by having all that sports gear. Not only are there to be Fit officers, but also athletes and sportsmen. Bjortunet hotel has a room filled with Iron Church references.

Ljuset is harder to pin down, but still seemingly has connected with Iron Church in the recent events. They’re not the same by any means, but they’ve seemed to combine strengths with Bunker 666’s presence.

If interested, I had described all of these Here


I agree with you that it is not straight from the book. At this point you have to read a little between the lines. A newspaper article referred to by Anita Sjögren dealt with the Commune Ljuset. It showed that many members have recently left the community and returned to “normal life”. For me, that’s a hidden link to the Iron Church. Perhaps the members were no longer in agreement about their goals and switched to the Iron Church. And for me, Holberg had something to do on Hjimfäll after the “D-Day”. (The message on the computer terminal in Valklaken) and the burned Message in Forbacka
Pherhaps Holberg and the FOA53 was infiltrated by Members of the Ljuset Commune that split of the Commune in the last time. So they wanted Holberg to surrender to get Hands over the Robot Army for their goals.


I agree with you that Holberg has developed the idea to control Robots from a Pilot in a Bunker. The row of Consoles in the Bunker i think that are such Control Terminals. Van Ulmer and Ingrid Granquist were that scientists what made that happen.

To controll this Robots there was a new Operating System developed by Veronika Nilsson. She called this Operating System FOA-Unix, short “FNIX” . These comes out of a notice that i found in her office at the Mission “Behind the Courtain”

I wondered, that i was not attacked by robots. Van Ulmer talks to me and said that he awaited me. I answered him “Please to meet you, hope you guess my name.” :smile:

Veronica Nilsson struggeled for a while to bring it to run on the Computer. I think something has went wrong there. Due to problems what she had to bring that OS to run she get help from some unknown men. Pherhaps they infiltrated that OS with a Virus. That FNIX OS is based on Unix-OS.

In the outgoing 80 ths there where a couple of UNIX Operation Systems at the market and some Derivates. After my studies i worked for the Design Center of a Car Companie, what had a Cray Station in his Cellar that was Operated by UNICOS a Derivate of UNIX OS. At this time the manufacturer of Supercomputers like IBM, SUN, Hewlett Packard, Cray and some more, made their own UNIX Derivate adaptet to the functionality of their own product. I have worked with UNIX based Computers because the PC at this time the -286 Chip comes on the market and that could’nt handle so big data amongs to create 3-D Models of a part from a Car. On PC it was in the childrens shoes.
The PC’s in the Bunkers looked a little bit like Commodore Computers. At this time i had one of these and i worked with two floppy disks because a harddisk was to expensive for us hungry students.

This picture shows a Cray Computer from this time.

So here FNIX. After the Installing of the FNIX Programm, something went heavily wrong, because the Robots developed an own life. They developed an artifical Intelligence but only with three goals. Find, Hunt and kill. Interresting is that point that they surpressed the Robot Laws created by Isac Asimov.

-A robot must not injure a human being (knowingly or allow inaction (knowingly) to cause harm to a human being.

-A robot must obey the commands given to it by a human - unless such a command would conflict with rule one.

-A robot must protect its existence as long as this protection does not conflict with rule one or two.

This Laws can cause paradoxes, because when people fight against other people the Robot can take to get the might to prevent that human beeing where injured in according to the first Law. And that is only an Example there can be more paradoxes evolved.

I think that not all machines are controlled by the AI. Some machines where be controlled by people. And i think that van Ulmer has transferred his conciousness into a Supercomputer to escape from his dying body.


I’ll be making a really long video explaining these details, but if you want to know now -
Svante Von Ulmer, the lead scientist that worked for years on this Neurological project sacrificed himself in the name of research. He worked under FOA, that was lead by Fredrik Holberg. Fredrik employed Ulmer and said that what they’re doing is for the security of Sweden. He was true and right, but Ulmer believed it’d be something about saving lives, not taking lives (weapons that kill). Fredrik didn’t like Chemical weapons, but had no decision making in that (FOA 4), so sometimes people pin it on Holberg for being a big bad guy… When really he tried to protect everyone from a harsh reality and questionable methods.

So, Ulmer for years has tried to make a way to send brain signals and translate them to PC signals. Ulmer and Ingrid were lead scientists behind this. Veronika made the FOA-UNIX system. The system she had to create needed to be used as an interface. To perform commands, not only store data. FNIX is just a system, but we call the enemy FNIX because of what controls it. Ulmer’s brain is the one in control, but not Ulmer himself.

Why it’s not a robot, why it’s not really AI… is because Ulmer is human, his brain is human, but his way of processing reality now is Computerized. A brain that can have the power to calculate things beyond human’s speed is why it’s like AI… It’s still a brain making decisions, so that’s why it’s human. It’s a human brain that can think as fast as a computer, using FNIX to control… to send commands and bring the machines online.

Can’t call him Ulmer either just because he has not referred to him as Ulmer anymore… He was born new… This hybrid of sort and why we call it FNIX now. Ulmer loved his colleauges, but this new Ulmer saw them as a threat that could unplug him. Now Ulmer does what the machines were designed for, but he does it to exist.


It was my suspicion from the beginning that it was a human-machine combination, a kind of cyborg. And I agree with you that he has lost his humanity, his feelings. And i thougt that Holberg had cheated him to make van Ulmer and Ingrid Granqvist work for him to achieve his own goals.


If not with leadership then honored member he was, based on the shrine dedicated to him.

If a person leaves the cult because they do not believe anymore that living without technological aid is beneficial to them, then that doesn’t instantly mean they joined the Iron Church.

By looking what’s inside Iron Church itself, it seems that it’s members are bodybuilders since there are many tanning beds, heavy weights, sports gear and even a boombox in there. I, personally, don’t consider bodybuilding as “normal life”.

Holberg most likely retreated from main island to get away from FNIX and it’s machines.

There is no actual or superficial evidence supporting that theory but everything can be possible.

Not developed on their own. Instead programmed into the FNIX:

Enemies in GZ aren’t robots, they are machines, which devs have stated on countless times and due to that, robot laws do not apply to them.


Please what is the difference between a machine and a robot? That difference you must explain a little bit more to me.


A robot is a machine, capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically and a robot may convey a sense of intelligence or thought of its own.
For example: Tesla’s self-driving car when Tesla autopilot is enabled. There is no need for direct human control to help the car to complete it’s task(s).

A machine is a mechanical structure that uses power to apply forces and control movement to perform an intended action.
For example: UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) aka drone, which has a ground-based controller and a system of communications between the two. Drone can not fly without direct human control over it.


Here I have to contradict you a little bit. I agree with you that a machine is a device that is mechanically controlled by forced curve control or cascade switching and that always performs constant movements. A car e.g. B. is a machine unless it is remote controlled in the sense of a drone, like the drone you mentioned. There is a smooth transition because a robot such as a six-axis articulated arm robot is controlled by a program and executes the specified movements. To lift heavy loads, to paint vehicle, set in window panes. What he makes him different to a machine is the Fact that I can teach him other movements for Example open Beer bottles and fill a Glas. Teaching a Robot is been done by a radio control like unit. If you put this robot on a trolley and allow a certain freedom of choice in its program, so that it can make a decision about what to do next via sensors or via signals transmitted by radio. It interacts with its environment and can perform certain actions as part of its programming. This turns it into an autonomously operating robot. Because AI is not real intelligence but just a program, which enables the robot to make decisions in a certain way. Like the autonomous Tesla car that interacts with its surroundings through sensors. The difference to the robot in the conventional one is that it reacts seemingly intelligently. But there is still a program behind what works after any “If” “Then” decisions. A Hunter in the game is a Robot because it seems to me that he interact with his surroundings and makes a decision how he have to react in that Situation. In the widest sense he is a machine what is intended to bring the Weapons in Position and Kill until he is destroyed. When he hunts you then there is only a Programm what works. Keep the target in sight, runn after him and when you are in range shoot at the target till it is destroyed. And when you came close to the target then Kill it by a jump attack and by the sword. When the Hunter starts a jump attac he will do always the same. He jumps and he tried to stap you with his sword. The next step is a cyborg what is a mixture between human being and a robot. For example a human brain or a human consciousness set in a machine


Helldiver, maybe you must see it as if the machines are all controlled by one hive-mind. They then have no program running that allows them to react to the environment, but can only do what the all-overseeing hive-mind instructs them to do. So perhaps there is constant telemetry between all active machines and the one controlling hive-mind.


For it, i have another example:

Small 4 rotor drone, that most of us can buy from the shop, attach GoPro to it and record arelial vids with it.

For a person, who doesn’t see the person controlling the drone, may have a perspection that the drone is intelligent since it moves itself according to the obstacles it encounters. E.g doesn’t hit the tree, navigates past power lines etc. However, the drone is directly controlled by human via a remote and the pilot is the one who controls the drone for it not to collide with anything.

You not seeing the pilot controlling the drone doesn’t make the drone a robot. It still is a remotely controlled machine.
Same is with machines in GZ. They all are remote controlled without the mind of their own.


That i agree that there is some computer or cyborg what controls them. For that are the relais antennas over all. But i think they have a Programm in it like the Mars rover so that they could do some decisions on their own. For example between Ytervik and Björgsnäskogen is aa Hunter Patrolling the way. I called him Joe. Because i used him as training target. He is lurking allways on me and i tried only to shoot his MG away. Then he does nothing. He stands there like a tin soldier. The i took my Pistol and walked to him at a certain range he starts very agressive his jump attack and i go in a melee fight with him. He with his sword and I only with the Pistol. As i lurked him to the embankment he stood at the rim of it while i stood in the slope out of range from his sword. Then he stroke at me again and again. I stood a time in front of him and he makes every time the same movement. A Robot that is controlled by an Intelligence wouldn’t do so. I think he had made a try of a jump attack or he lured me in an other Position to take me down. I enedet this by shootig him down with the Pistol.


The controlling mind can’t give the right commands if it doesn’t get telemetry from the hunter. I sometimes wonder if the controlling mind has a limit to reacting immediately to incoming telemetry. And this is the reason why machines sometimes act strange, do nothing, or shoots constantly in the same direction.


A machine controlled by intelligence can do all sorts of strange and stupid things due to the flaws in the intelligence.

Same is with pilots controlling the drone. Most of them avoid flying into the tree but there is always someone who disregards approaching tree and flies their drone into the tree, getting it stuck.