Tatiana's Lore found in 'Death from Above' (spoilers)

At Day

At Night

Tatiana’s note found as a mission item

Hidden FNIX base (Tatiana’s Hideout/base/spot?)

Tatiana's note (mission item) - Click here

"FNIX keeps updating the code to the computer room and I do not want to admit that I am incapable of memorizing it.
This place feels like a prison. I know that I need FNIX’s help if I’m ever to gain control back over the Mechanical Units, but these black walls make me wonder. What if I have become its prisoner?
The nights are the worst. I stare at the sweeping red lights - always ready to defend me so that I can continue my work. Sometimes I envision a Swedish survivor entering those lights. I do not think I could stop FNIX from firing. In the dead of the night, I pretend that it is me standing in the red lights as the guns fire.
The Firebirds should take all my focus, but I feel distracted. It is a monster. I remember when they started working on it. The development team filed complaints about the bombs. It seems like the complaints were not listened to. It’s a machine of destruction and death. Nothing else. My country built a machine of annihilation. And yet I think as much about these black walls as I do about how to incapacitate the Firebirds. I need to get my priorities straight. I cannot lose focus.

I think I need air.
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Tatiana’s Ramblings - Notes in random order…

Note 1

Please forgive me. So much destruction, so much death from one single decision. Should I even… be forgiven? Have I the right to ask for such a thing?

Note 2

Why did you force me to do this, Bolshakov? How could you not care about so much blood on your hands? How could you not see that these machines would be the death of us all? You were supposed to be a genius.

Note 3

I am not a machine, I am not a machine, I am not a machine, I am not a machine, I am not.

Note 4

Every cloud looks like a mushroom cloud. Like the bomb just keeps falling over and over. I keep telling myself that it is not true, but that just feels like I’m trying to run away from what I did.

Note 5

Every time I touch the machine I can feel my emotions turn cold and distant. My body as grows calmer. A break from the noise in my heart. But I dare not go down that route of coldness, I cannot give in.

Note 6

If I manage to gain access to the code of the Mechanical Units, would I still be able to turn back the friendly version of the code? I haven’t found any of my soldiers alive and I am no expert. Maybe it is all hopeless.

Note 7

I am glad that FNIX saved me, I really am. But, I cannot stop asking myself why. What made me worth saving? What about everyone else? Are there others like me out there?

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Damn… I missed those notes completely :see_no_evil:

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I found 7 notes but maybe there are more in the game and/or on other locations.
It’s clear that Tatiana’s is troubled by what she did, or was forced to do.

I love this Tatiana character, and can’t wait to meet her as an NPC. She is probably gonna be the coolest NPC yet bcuz she has a prosthetic limb. I hope the devs don’t make her hideous.

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Assuming we meet her as an NPC, of course.

In our imagination we have all met her already. She is cool, no doubt about that.