New NPC monologues - Mona Jonsson

Dark Skies update

Tylöveden Resistance Side-mission “Death from Above”

Monalogues by Mona :wink:

- Found tracking device.

Mona: Hello, this is Mona Jonsson, part of the Tylöveden Resistance. Did you say that you found a tracking device on one of those flying Soviet machines?

Mona: Thank you! This is the first piece of news we have of what’s happening over there. Our scouts have… not been coming back from the North Coast lately…

Mona: We need to follow this lead. It’ll take me some time to catch up with you though, so be careful, okay? Death to the machines!

- Find where the data on the tracking device is received.

Mona: Well, that strange. Soviet equipment inside a FNIX camp?

Mona: Oooh, wait! I heard someone talking about a Soviet Captain (Tatiana) who’s working with the FNIX machines. Could this be her place? Don’t let your guard down.

- A Soviet computer in a FNIX port.

Mona: Shit, they’re sending more of those… firebirds here? No, we cannot let them establish a base in Hagaboda. These machines can crush us.

- Reach the planned landing point for the arriving Firebird reinforcements.

Mona: I’m too far away to make it in time. So i’m gonna have to count on you now, okay? They say that you handle a gun like no one else. You can do this.

Mona: You actually did it. It wasn’t too much for you, after all. It’s all good, you’re fine, you’re fine.

Mona: Okay, why don’t you come over, I brought something for you.

- Meet up with Mona (Hagaboda East Wall-Tower at 1019, -4209)

Mona: There you are! It’s so nice to meet you. That was some impressive work you did. The stories about you didn’t lie.

Mona: I’m thinking that me and Anna will stay here for a bit and keep an eye out. But you keep on moving, we need you out there. Death to the machines!

- Note on table

Mona and Anna, the camp will not be the same without your pine needle coffee and warmest end-of-patrol hugs. We pray that this teenager who contacted you will be as capable as everyone says, and that you can return to us shortly. Death to the Machines!

  • Extra Back story from @Avalanche_Amanda in life stream:
    Mona worked in a big Factory (like IGA). She first worked on the floor, but then advanced to a more leadership position.

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That’s interesting. She is not just talking about “the resistance”. Maybe a sign of different groups/factions to interact with in future?

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There are different groups who all are part of Swedish resistance movement against the agressor. We have*:

  • Anita’s resistance group on Himfjäll
  • Elsa split off from Anita and started separate group which she called “The Resistance” (not the same as “the resistance” without capitulation)
  • The group with Calle in the RingFort which Veronica referred to as “Mole city”.
  • The group that Janek mentioned at Måsskär
  • The Östervik’s Civil Militia held together by Marja
  • The Salthamn Civil Militia with Therese
  • The Tylöveden Resistance to which Mona & Anna belong to.
  • The Swedish Military
  • The Iron Church, but they seem to only fight for personal gain.

*all this is mostly conjecture and may need adjustmenting.