Generation Zero story timeline



I agree because like in real live a computer works only as good as the one what operates him.
However, an intelligent machine, or a machine controlled by intelligence, would eventually stop with a useless movement. I wouldn’t keep running my head against a closed door just because I can’t open it. I would stop sometime because it is so nice when the pain subsides.

Haha thats good :joy: In my earlier years I was flying RC model airplanes. If a single tree stands on a huge meadow, it is as safe as the amen in the church that you meet it.:joy: But it makes no difference flying a Model airplane or a drone the size don’t play any role. But modern Drones like a octocopter you can control it and it have a landing mode so that you can not destroy it by a wrong flying signal.


I suspect that the robots are controlled centrally by a computer. This computer is controlled by a human consciousness, perhaps that of Van Ulmer, that of Holberg, or someone else. Let’s call this human-machine connection FNIX.
The robots, runners, hunters, tanks certainly have their own rudimentary intelligence so that they can interact with their environment and continue when they are cut off from the radio. But mainly they are controlled by FNIX.


They are still machines. :wink: Best proof:
Scroll down until you see the lineup of them and look what devs, themselves have called them to be.


You can allways call a Robot a machine thats not wrong. A good explanation for robots lookhere :grinning:


And this is not science fiction. Look here

And give this guy a machine gun and you have your hunter. I hope there is someone that pulls the plug at the right time. Look here :grinning: And they call him Robot.:laughing:


And here is where i end it.

You think enemies are robots.
I, developers themselves and many others think enemies are machines.

End of the discussion.


@Aesyle @helldiver

You guys are caught up in…cyber-mantics (bad pun on semantics).



I think we struggle with the expression machine and robot. A machine can be a robot. And a robot is a machine in the broadest sense.

And I agree with Aesyle that we should end the discussion at this point.I am unable to change my mind on this point

I think this is just about the different view of two terms and their delimitation.


What do you think over the following theorie.

-Holberg was on Hjimfäll because he was on the run after the outbreak. And he did not cause the Computer Crisis.

-van Ulmer who makes his first test with the FNIX System to transfer his own conciousness into a computer has nothing to do with this outbreak because he wanted to help people and don’t want to kill them and he escaped his dying body.

-some Members of the Iron Church or separated Members of the Commune Ljuset had infiltrated FOA 53 and betraied Holberg. They stealth had transfered their conciousnesses into a Supercomputer that runs with FNIX what is the base to hold the conciousnesses in the Supercomputer and let them interact with the environment. Or they blackmailed Holberg to make it possible to get them into the Supercomputer. And now they hunted Holberg
The conciousnesses build together a “Collective” a connection between several human beeings and the Supercomputer and build a new computerbased conciousness.

This beeing called himself FNIX.

It can split of and send a part of himself to the machines :smiley:.
When a machine is heavily damaged in a combat or it loosed his main weapon, then the part of FNIX
withdraws back to the main collective or it jumps in an other machine. This would explain the behaviour of the machines when they are damaged. Because she is steered then from the outside and due to that it reacts slower than usual.

They want Österturn for themself so they killed every human beeings. Because FNIX is a Super being what has no humanity, no feelings. And for that FNIX Kidnapped people to add them to his Collective to grow mightier.



What is the “Sverdlovsk incident”?


Unknown at current moment. In the game, “Sverdlovsk incident” is named as an event, without any word what it was or where it happened.

Source item


hmm maybe something to do with an enemy country. Something to make them speed up the plans of new military stuff.


Most likely something to do with USSR since Sverdlovsk Oblast is a region in the USSR (modern day Russia). And historians like to name incidents based on where it happened. E.g Three Mile Island accident or Chernobyl disaster or Fukushima disaster.


Yeah i was thinking it had to do with the USSR. Interesting what made them speed up their research though. Some border dispute, or USSR military test gone wrong making their new weapon go public.


Most likely the latter. Though, what happened behind the Iron Curtain, stayed behind the Iron Curtain without any public knowledge. And only way NATO and it’s members had any clue what was going on, was by U-2 or SR-71 flying above to gather intel.


Yeah. So maybe an incident happened, and it was covered up. But it was still brought to the attention of NATO members. Or just Sweden. So they went and took a look.


and bu public i meant not that everyone including civilians knew. But more of the high ranking military members of NATO. Or researchers such as Ulmer.


Researchers (Ulmer) doesn’t get to know incidents happening in the outside world, unless told to them on need to know basis by military leaders (Holberg).


Yeah. So a Somebody would have had to tell him. Whether the military higher up wanted to. Or somebody told him in secret.


What you’re discussing has a complex political scene covering it up. Right now it’s smarter to cover up this incident and let the higher officers know. So they know, but that doesn’t mean anything. In times of war, with massive crimes being committed and enemies using ANY means necessary, it’s not a massive surprise that some machines became intelligent with these big computers controlling them. I mean, everyone dabbled with chemical weapons behind their own cover to be ready for anything! (You bomb me, I bomb you)

The Sverdlovsk incident is about suddenly a bunch of factory workers getting really sick and some dying. Highly suspected it was improper handling of anthrax for chemical weapons. Yeah, USSR tried to cover it up, but you can only get so far with covering it up. It’s easy for it to be covered up to civilians, not so much to military intel gatherers. The way Sweden particularly reacted, shutting down FOA 4 (chemical weapon production), you’d guess the whole incident is about chemical weapons :smiley:

So in a sense, Sweden knows, NATO knows, SR knows and the general public doesn’t. Right now, this intelligence will be delicately handled before they’re letting USA know or maybe Germany… This will be a delicate cover-up and that’s why so far we’re not met with a reaction. If we were met with a reaction (another war in the time of peace), humanity will surely go down guns blazing at each other again. This is most likely why they’ve remained silent and only have done preparations.

We know they’re preparing because of the morse code to Yellow Reindeer.

I will remind with my video and also here - The game tangles GZ’s world with the real world and builds around it to make something that isn’t such a far-fetched fantasy. Multiple events the game mentions real events in a real timeline that imply complex political issues with an island of deadly sentient machines being the most unpredictable element.