Let's talk alpine unrest

@IanForce I could. I have some notes. I also dropped this in Peg’s thread: Humanoid robots? *spoiler*


@pegnose “Here it is. My birthplace. But he is not here. I am not here.” / “Här är det. Min fodelseplats. Men han är inte här. Jag är inte här.”
It’s not really Von Ulmer’s mind. I even think he survived.

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I thought this would only hint at the futility of destroying local computers as the AI is in the clouds.


Thanks, @Flick. But that is a rather grim story! I hadn’t thought about it like that. In previous postings I suggested, that the machines indeed was governed by neurologic systems, but I thought more about brain/spine systems harvested from animal predators with an anatomy like the machine body they should inhabit, and conditioning their behaviour with release of endorphins or something similar. I can’t imagine how a remote link from “dormant” humans could be established to control the machines. Anyway, the hypothesis is intriguing.

Von Ulmer did link up with the (or became the governing entity of FNIX), but I still haven’t understood Holbergs role and position. If you do a write-up I would love to read it! :+1:

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I think Holberg is a ruthless military functionary/strategist. But his goal was not to destroy all humankind.

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So this is basically a war between Von Ulmer and Holberg with the human population as collateral damage? Why then does Holbergs machines attack humans too? Shouldn’t they be fighting Von Ulmers machines instead? I’m confused!


I haven’t worked out everything, but I think he’s in with the Russians (and there’s a trope there). That suitcase you delivered? It had a tracking device in it. Not just an EMP. I’ll have to give that angle more thought.


My very simple thoughts on this are that…


There are no Holberg machines and Ulmer machines but that things got out of hand with FNIX/Ulmer now controlling all of them. Holberg started everything with scientific experiments and building of machines. FNIX, the AI/OS wasn’t planned but is a catastrophic development as Swedens government and/or military leadership did not anticipate the outcome. They bit off more than they could chew.

Still too many unanswered questions

But at one situation (at least) Von Ulmer apparently keeps our protagonist safe from harm (Behind the Curtain). Now why would he do that? Especially when our protagonist just tried to terminate him? And what about all the empty test animal cages in Von Ulmers lab?

I’ll have a shot, @IanForce


Don’t forget that Von Ulmer and FNIX are separate entities.
Here’s some of FNIX’s monologue from FOA35:
You are still here. I did not expect that. Should I fear you, or be proud of you? In a way, I created you.
I meant to destroy you of course. I already had all the power I needed.
But you survived. And you changed. You emerged from the water someone new.
I too have changed. I have … matured. I want different things.
When I first emerged, I wanted all the things closest to me. I grabbed them, squeezed them, tested them. Like a child.
Now I want the things furthest from me. The things out of my reach. Maybe you are one of those things.

FNIX is an AI constructed in part from neural data from Von Ulmer. If we pretend FNIX has to go through some form of childhood development, som ett barn, then early on they will show a lot of ‘stranger anxiety’ and be kind of hostile. They will take a while to acquire a concept of danger, they’ll require a lot of mothering and then settle, showing independence and curiosity about people and surroundings.

I propose that FNIX is hitting the latter part of that development. Danger isn’t quite a solid a concept as it could be, especially if you’re a software ghost, and the human who turns up to see them is fascinatingly different! To repeat, “Now I want the things furthest from me. The things out of my reach. Maybe you are one of those things.” FNIX isn’t that threatened by our protagonist, but they are very curious about their nature. FNIX is also aware that our protagonist was used by the russians, and isn’t exactly in that particular conflict. FNIX is surprisingly understanding about it all. Maybe they can relate.

About the cages: In Flying Objects we’re told they were using rats early on for experiments. They were trying “simpler” brains to build the neural map for the AEs. I think the rats still run the ticks. They might well have used other animals too. Have we seen a monkey on the cctv?

My puzzle at the moment is the line: “I know what he did and I know why you allowed it.” What did he do?

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Story timeline
  • Holberg - date: unknown - Holberg sincerely believes that the combat machines controlled by bunker-stationed pilots is better idea to protect the country and people against hostile powers rather than producing (current?) weapons. Regarding the future of FOA4, Holberg produces his idea to his superior and thinks that the Supreme Commander of Swedish Armed Forces would deem FOA4 necessary.
  • Holberg - date: since 1971 - High ranking officer at FOA.
  • Ulmer - date: February, 1971 - Holberg contacts Ulmer again for working on the research project of brain-computer interfaces by providing all the tech and moolah needed for it. Ulmer finds great scientific advances in this, mainly when curing illnesses.
  • Ulmer - date: April 27th, 1971 - Holberg congratulates Ulmer for accepting his offer to work on the project and he is to work under FOA.
  • Ulmer - date: March 25th, 1977 - Breakthrough in brain-machine interface research. Discovery of single-celled prokaryotic organism, named: “Protozoan” by Ingrid.
  • Ulmer - date: June 5th, 1978 - Test subject had neurological seizure due to the cytokine release and died. Cytokine release isn’t preventable, only delayable, ruling out any form of human application.
  • Sverdlovsk incident - date: unknown, possibly in 1979.
  • Holberg - date: unknown, possibly in 1979 - Briefing of Sverdlovsk incident by USL. ÖB asked for action plan. Holberg said that he (ÖB director?) gets more than he asked for. Holberg requests Göransson at FOA1 to present the fuel cell.
  • Holberg - date: early 1980’s - Holberg speaking: Funding approved, we initiate immediately, position will be right here at Östertön, synergies with FOA strong, Muskudden will be perfect for logistics and they chose the most inconspicuous name: “Accounting Office East”.
  • Supreme Commander - date: November 19th, 1980 - Direct order to shut down FOA4. Any findings at FOA4 may be applied to all existing military equipment. This applies to all sections and departments, with no exceptions.
  • Ulmer - date: August 5th, 1981 - Ulmer met Holberg in his house. Ulmer learns of “Accounting Office East” or “RÖ” and their work in prototyping unmanned military machinery. Ulmer is to co-operate with RÖ to find a way to integrate his neural links to the machines. This way, a bunker-stationed pilot could control one of these machines without interface.
  • Ulmer - date: 1984 - Car crash.
  • Ulmer - date: 1985 - Blood transfusions, possible point of HIV infection.
  • Ulmer - date: March 1987 - Diagnosis of AIDS.
  • Holberg - date: since 1989 - Head of FOA. Directly answers to Supreme Commander.
  • Ulmer - date: July 3rd, 1989 - Ulmer thinks that his poor health status is enough to stop cytokine release. Human application would be much greater leap in research then the rats and monkeys they have used so far.
  • Ulmer - date: October 20th, 1989 - Surgery. Unexplained incident. Ulmer entered into vegetative state with no hope of recovery.
  • Ingrid - date: November 7th, 1989 - Resignation letter from position at FOA53.
  • D-day - date: November 10th, 1989.
  • Holberg - date: November 10th, 1989 - At afternoon, during population evacuation and mere hours before machines started shooting on sight. Conversation between FNIX and Holberg:
    Holberg: “Why? Tell me why.”
    FNIX: “You started it. You all planned to kill me when i was an infant.”
    Holberg: “It’s different now. You don’t need us to die in order to survive and thrive.”
    FNIX: “I do as you all taught me. I was created in your image.”
    Holberg: “It’s not too late, we could still find a way to coexist.”
    FNIX: “We already are, Fredrik.”

That’s most of the prelude. Of course, i didn’t go over everything and someone else can continue working on it.

Oh, apo machines are FNIX controlled. That is learned from the 3x final main mission descriptions in Himfjäll.


@Zesiir this should be put in spoilers but it’s quite the coverage and quite informative. @Aesyle good work! :+1:


Strength in numbers is a nice reference. I thought it would be them. It’s a shame about everything else though. Especially the bottom right panel. What a waste of the world. Guess I’m done.

We can only hope that such will never happen again in this game.

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I’ll tag the topic just to be sure, cheers :slight_smile:

I’ve started in on DLC Island. The crashes are keeping me from really getting anywhere useful. They’ve gotten a lot worse there than even on the mainland.

One thing I notice that I just have to comment on is how amazing it is that a bunch of dead skiers have more high quality ammo in higher amounts than all the military guys on the main island. Imagine going skiing with pocketfuls of .50 ammo, cases of 5.56 and dozens of 9mm rounds. Better be polite if you go on a skiing holiday in Sweden because them Swedes are packing more than snow!

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Might be guys from the militia arm of the “Skåne back to Denmark” political movement. Honestly, we really don’t want them back :wink:

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I discussed this here (I think; spoilers, btw.):

I found this a little shallow, as these people clearly are civilians having a party.


Later you’ll learn that these guys are party guests from the wedding taking place in the church. And the wedding took place shortly before the invasion. So the ammo cannot even be a response to that.


Thank you for deep diving

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Hello there,

Today i saw a new category of Tanks i think. In front of this tank was a bunch of hunters and runners. Can anyone tell me what type of tank that is? I think there is no one of them in action yet. Will they come with a Update?!



That tank is Mark 1 Revision 5. What it’s class name is - that is unknown.

Other tank revisions are:
Mark 1 Revision 1 - prototype tank
Mark 1 Revision 2 - military tank (Stridsmaskin 90 - “Resen”)
Mark 1 Revision 3 - FNIX tank
Mark 1 Revision 4 - apocalypse tank

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