Let's talk alpine unrest

After alpine unrest it is clear that we haven’t seen the last but quite possibly only the beginning of what the game has to offer
Alpine unrest kinda made me feel a little Disatisfied given its short length and slight cliffhanger ending but I will say it was a blast through and through and I can’t wait for the next dlc or update

The last mission I completed involved a morse code message saying that troops were preparing to land on Swedish soil and so I was wondering
Will this hav an effect on future dlc
And if so how

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I just started playing Alpine Unrest a few days ago and I’m very impressed with the job the devs have done. Here is my thoughts so far:

  • The world of Himfjell is beautifully sculptured. There are many details and a lot of love has gone into building this island.
  • The game balance is fine. I feared that we would be back to the start when I died every five minutes, but that’s not the case. On the contrary, actually. I made my peace with the experimental weapons, and gathered most of them, and with my fighting strategy I’m actually doing better that before. Those guns are powerful in the right hands.
  • Ammo and health packs are plentiful. I’m now fully stocked all the time and find more ammo than I can use. Weapons are everywhere and I don’t bother to pick them up anymore.
  • There are lots of missions to keep you busy. I appreciate that.
  • Rivals spawn a lot. As I made my peace with the experimental weapons, I’ve made my peace with Rivals to. That is I destroy them and loot then when they cross my path.
  • The stores are opened up (please do that on the main land too), we got caves, we got new building types, and the hotel is fun to explore.
  • There are some pretty cool Easter eggs! I’ll get back to that in the associated thread.
  • The APO class machines are using biological weapons. It took me a few hits to discover that you can stop the health degradation when hit by applying a health pack.
  • NPC’s are simple indeed, but they serve their purpose. Adding persons to a game is risky business, but it works convincingly so far.

All together this is an excellent expansion to the game. It is not just more if the same, and a lot of what I requested have been answered. The game has crashed on me a few times - once every three or four hours, perhaps. Nothing that bothers me much. So thumbs up for Himfjell :+1::blush:

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@IanForce About the balance, are you mainly using the experimental weapons now? How far would you get with a purple / 4 crown AG4?

I started a new hardcore character on the opposite end of Himfjäll, and made it all the way to the boat and onto the mainland with basically crap weapons, so it’s definitely doable. Just need to be cautious.


My bread-and-butter weapons are 5* AI-76 and 5* HP5 that I use on single machine encounters or while running for cover. When I find a safe sniping position (elevated terrain or inside a building structure, I’m using my 5* Älgstudsare patiently taking down my adversary. For close encounters in villages I now use the 6* 12G Pump Action avoiding buckshots (the red ones) that I find useless over more that a few meters. Occasionally I use the 6* Grg m/49 to tenderise a tank before I bring in my new best friend, the 6* Pvg 90. This setup suites me well, and I do 70% of the kills from inside buildings, 20% as single shot sniper kills from a distance, and 10% in open terrain firing desperately at anything moving while running for cover.

And to answer your question, I don’t use 4* weapons anymore. And I’ve not used the AG4 or AG5 since I got the 5* AI-76 quite a while ago :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, Ian. I’m still working through some stuff on balance and apocalypse machines, and I appreciate your thoughtful response.

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I would say that if you stock up on health packs, you can run safely from one end of Östertörn to the other without carrying a weapon. I’ve managed to run directly through packs of hunters and runners without taking any damage, and if you keep running and remember to zig-zag a bit, you should be unlucky not to do fine.


Just throwing it out there but has everybody seen the tank in FOA5 it looks awesome just wondering if that will be a future enemy class?..thoughts

I think everyone has seen it whether we have the DLC or not :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s FOA4, not FOA5. FOA5 is in North Coast region.

As far as that tank goes, my guess is that it’s upgraded version of current FNIX tank. I think it so because current Apo machines are upgraded versions of military machines.

My guess would also be that it didn’t make the (active) way into the DLC and the designer got honored by displaying it in its hangar. Rightfully so, it looks awesome.

I think


there’s a Holberg / FNIX split, and that’s the war. I think that tank is Holberg’s, and it’s an upgrade from the class B military ones.

Double railgun as weapons now that would be a killer definitely no hiding in houses


That tank inside FOA4 isn’t upgrade of the military ones since Apocalypse enemies are upgrades to the military ones. The one in FOA4 looks far more advanced, suited for the upgrade of the FNIX versions.

Proof, written in black and white in the game (zoom in to read):

Also, i don’t think there’s Holberg/FNIX split. To me, it’s all FNIX. That is even said so by Corporal Elsa Khorsandi in one of the later Himfjäll missions. Line where she says she knows how FNIX operates (it’s tactics).


You have to love it when the dev’s give the enemies name it makes them more engaging


I think it’s a fork of the SM project, not a continuation. That’s why they can both apo and FNIX class are based of military robots. Partly because this:

Partly because other threads. Holberg is behind the Apo ones, not FNIX. And that special tank seems to be near a complex full of apo runners. I don’t have the DLC but I bet he’s leaving a scooby-doo trail of snus tins everywhere.


In the FOA4, there are military, FNIX and apo machines on the assembly lines. If Apo would be Holberg’s, why produce FNIX type as well? :thinking:

Since you don’t have DLC, i won’t spoil much but that much i can say that there are those snus tins at Himfjäll as well. But Holberg isn’t at any point of power at that time. Instead, he is on the run. To know the details, buy the DLC. :wink:

Some screens of that FOA4 tank as well;

It’s much bigger up close.

Angled front plate guards.

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I was always given the impression that the Apocalypse-class was the next stage of “evolution” of machines employed by FNIX. Whereas the Military variants were designed by humans and meant for war, the Apocalypse-class was specifically designed to kill humans.

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That’s very interesting, I didn’t know that. I’ll have to think about that one. (I had a good stab at a pure-cannon chapter 2 worked out and your info is a curious wrinkle.)
I’m not worried about DLC spoilers though. I personally feel the whole apo business was a complete mistake for the game, a sad pander, and I couldn’t care less about the DLC. Buying it would only encourage that kind of thing :s

I’ve wondered about that too, @Zesiir. Moving from away from human dependence to something purely AI based might fit it with FNIX’s “andra mål.” But I don’t think FNIX was really into human extinction. I’m not persuaded yet.