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Schematics - Fixed Locations

Lboholmen Church - 2nd Floor on chair behind organ. Fireproof shirt Skvadern bunker -1537.899, -3166.949 directions from safehouse turn Left , L , L , R ( down stairs ) , R , door at end. Stenudden lighthouse Stea…

62 March 24, 2020
How to get a rival to spawn (guide)

Ok, so you want to know how a rival spawns? Follow these easy steps: Step 1: Find the region you want your rival to spawn in, and go there: If the active rival stat is 1 or higher, then there are rivals to kill. If n…

34 October 28, 2019
Movement and Running Restrictions : Reason

This is not a bug , its part of the new inventory system. The new inventory system is based on weight, you can see your weight on the bottom left of inventory screen. Slightly over capacity will mean you lose sprint , …

5 March 30, 2020
Crafting and recycling station locations

Hi Since i’ve seen several questions about the locations of crafting/recycling stations, i decided to make a definitive list where you can find them. Note: I won’t be adding co-ordinates (spoilers) to the list since no…

2 April 3, 2020
Welcome to the Generation Zero Forum!

Hi, and welcome to the forum! In order to make this forum a good place for both YOU and us Devs to hang out in we do require some common sense rules. Please take a few minutes to browse through our Code of Conduct here…

8 October 15, 2018
In-Game Documentation (and Speculation) -- Closed Beta

A list of all the items, controls, skills, etc. in-game. originally i created this guide to speculate on some things in-game, but i’ve decided to dedicate myself to documenting everything currently in the Closed Beta to…

15 October 18, 2018
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