Crafting and recycling station locations



Since i’ve seen several questions about the locations of crafting/recycling stations, i decided to make a definitive list where you can find them.

Note: I won’t be adding co-ordinates (spoilers) to the list since not all players haven’t yet found all the safehouses.


  • Iboholmen church
  • Vesslan Command Bunker
  • Saltholmen church


  • F23 Överby Air Base
  • Österviks Industriomrade
  • Anl 182 Hässlehed
  • Camp (near Averholm Manor)
  • Mullvadsberget Ringfort (FNIX Rising DLC)


  • Marden Command Bunker
  • Kaptensvillan
  • Hiker’s Barrack

South Coast

  • Minken Command Bunker
  • Sävered church (Angeras church)*
  • Angeras church (Sillavik)*
  • Fiskebäck
  • Hisingafyren lighthouse


  • Uttern Command Bunker
  • Klinte church
  • Närkudden


  • Ruskele farm
  • Nilssons Marinbygg AB

North Coast

  • Arkelstorp lighthouse
  • Farudden Radar Mast
  • Camp (South of FOA Facility)

Himfjäll (Alpine Unrest DLC)

  • Björntunet hotel
  • Hammarbodarna
  • Klacksundsfyren lighthouse

*In the South Coast, there is naming error between two churches. On the map, Sävered church doesn’t have it’s map icon and the safehouse there is named Angeras church. At another church, map icon says Angeras church while the safehouse in it is named Sillavik.

Edit: Updated the list due to the FNIX Rising DLC.


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It’s my understanding(from a thread on this forum) that the clothing perks do nothing at this time. Is this still the case or not. If the clothing does nothing but add to your “look good” what difference does it make where the crafting stations are located?

I don’t mean to sound like a smart ass, I’m just really looking for some clarity on the clothing.


Clothing resistances, at least those that you can craft, do matter.

For example; i crafted 2% explosion resistance for: jacket, shirt, pants and shoes; equipped them all and when i was testing them, the 8% resistance they gave, in total saved me 10 HP every time explosion reduced my HP (crafted them to get the Running Wild achievement, where you need to melee attack 20 cars and blow them up).
I tested it several times; without explosion resistance from clothing, my HP got reduced from 100 down to 35 when car blew up but with all 4 equipped (8% resistance), my HP dropped from 100 to 45.


Thank you for your testing and reply to this. Now I won’t feel like I’m wasting my time or space in my pack collecting stuff to craft with.

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