Schematics - Lets talk about it

So this is tread where we can talk about schematics in order to keep it nice and tidy, if you have any questions ask them here

im hoping we see higher stars soon , it doesnt seem worth the effort collecting them with little reward


:+1: I’m only collecting mats at the moment, saving for something actually worth crafting. :wink:

By looking how schem tiers are so far, max bonus schem could give is 5% (golden schem), unless there would be experimental schems (pink schem) which could give between 6% - 10% bonus on clothing item.

Anybody found schematics yet as random drops, with more than 1 star? I haven’t!
Maybe they should increase the drop rate for schematics just a tiny bit.
And remember: Pics, or it didn’t happen… :wink:

As far as i know, schems are like collectables, found only in open world and not from loot table.

The March patch notes has this:

Which I believe can be the source of confusion, because it’s not really clear if he talks about only mats or also schematics. Also the fact that all current schematics I have seen is 1-star so one would assume that there are higher star ratings available.

But I think that you might be right that they are like collectables now that I think about it. I’m still interested in learning if there are higher star ratings than 1 though… :thinking:

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I would hope, otherwise the crafting is simply useless. In fact, all of the +1% resistance is useless.


I was.wondering if there is schematics to increase weight? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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For that, you have Carry Capacity skill.

  • no skill - max weight 48
  • skill lvl 1 - ?
  • skill lvl 2 - max weight 80
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Wait wait wait.

So you’re telling me there’s a weight mechanic now? Whaaaaaat?

The amount of ammunition my character carries is ungodly, and took a long time to collect. Hopefully I can still fit it all. :confused:

You did read the patch notes, right?


Btw, you can fit far more ammo to you char than you previously could. Basically, now you have 80 slot inventory now (was 50 slot before). And you can even surpass it quite a bit, but there are downsides;

What i’ve seen so far:

  • if weight limit is 80, and you carry between 80.001 and 89.999, you can’t sprint. But you can jog.
  • if weight limit is 80, and you carry between 90.000 and 99.999, you can’t run. But you can walk.
  • if weight limit is 80, and you carry 100, you can’t move at all. Note: haven’t tested it myself.

Also, any weight that is over your max weight limit disables Fast Travel. Which makes sense.


You can lug along a healthy amount of ammo. Speaking as one who uses the Kvm 59 regularly, I burn through it quickly. Ammo drops have been adjusted (or seems like they have, anyway) with the patch so you should find more on tougher enemies. It’s easier to pick stuff up though, so if you start hoarding heavy items like gas canisters or field radio’s that weigh 1kg each, you’ll run into problems.

The Plundra can also hold more items now, good for dumping any excess ammo.

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Is the inventory skill replaced with carry capacity?

can we make it so that chars appear fatter the more weight they have , like 20 is very skinny and 120 is very overweight.

Inventory skill has been named “Carry Capacity” since the launch. Before, lvl 1 gave you 4th row in grid and lvl 2 gave you 5th row in grid. Now, lvl 1 increases your max carry weight from 48 units quite a bit (don’t know exact value) while lvl 2 increases it further, to 80 units.


You do realize that the inventory weight shows how much you can carry, not how “fat” your char is?

yes it was a joke, me and friend playing co-op and he was going slower so we kept joking that he was fat.

Maybe I’ve just been unlucky, but how do we get schematics for the crafting system? Right now it just gives me, “no schematics available,” or something to that effect.

i’ve found one at Iboholmen Church (Archipelago region)
It was on a chair right next to the crafting station.

would love to find more but i guess you can find them in houses spread out across the map. Perhaps dropped by machines?

Yeah, I went on a rampage today, saw crafting mats dropping, but didn’t see any schematics. I’ll just keep looking when I’ve got a minute. Thank’s for the confirmation though. I’ll grab that one in a minute.