Schematics - Lets talk about it

Anybody know if schematics drop with the same 5-star rating as weapons? One would imagine that mayb FNIX tanks and harvesters can drop 5-star schematics? If anybody sees this, please screenshot ! :smiley::+1:

Theres a thread up with at least 4 locations of schematics so far.

Here it is

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I’ve merged threads about discussing the Schematics, seeing as they were in the same forum section.
Good initiative, @Thagen :slight_smile:



Once u hit 96 movement is disabled

Back then when i wrote my previous reply, i didn’t know the exact value (hence why i said i haven’t tested it).

Now i’ve tested it and i can move when i have up to 96.999 kg with me. Once 97.000 kg is reached, i can’t move at all.

So what are your thoughts concerning the new update

…or not at all. Haven’t found a single one except for the first one after about 15 h of searching house, bunkers and other locations.

Still far to few.
If you can only find schematics by reading where other players found one it counters the whole gameplay idea, doesn’t it?

Big time spoiler but here’s the current known spots for schems,
link: Schematics - Fixed Locations - Post here ( Spoiler Alert )

Of course, you don’t have to look at that and spend a LOT of your own time searching them (like with all collectables) but it comes down how much time and patience you have. World in GZ is big and it’s like searching a needle in a haystack.

I think a few people are coming to the right conclusion and that the crafting system they have started withis just a test to see how players would react and see what feedback they would get.

Yeah I guess. The 1% has put my interest for crafting on hold. I think I got most of the schematics from the static locations, and so far nothing worth crafting.

So there is 23 schematics at the moment, with one crown? Right? :thinking::sweat_smile:

Yes. Though, chances are good that devs add better schems along the way.

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I have some… The 3 stars I got from Rivals, the one and two stars from finding in the world and posted coordinates, I think.

It did happen

Hello all :slight_smile: yes i have had ones drop from rivals, sorry can’t remember if any dropped from normal tanks.

As a side note you need the previous schematic to actually use the higher schematic.

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Just as i predicted, the resistance bonus is same as the schem tier is. :slightly_smiling_face: E.g 4* bullet-resistant jacket schem gives 4% bonus. Same schem but 5* version should give 5% bullet resistance bonus.
With the exception of fall damage resistance and visibility reduction. These two are considerably more.

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Found this duplicate for something. Didn’t say what is was when i picked it up.
I will get the location coords, and edit them into this post.

Is it the same one i talked about here: Schematics - Fixed Locations :thinking:

Whats the drop link on the 5* schematics, any particular setup favourable to drop?

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