In-Game Documentation (and Speculation) -- Closed Beta

A list of all the items, controls, skills, etc. in-game.

originally i created this guide to speculate on some things in-game, but i’ve decided to dedicate myself to documenting everything currently in the Closed Beta to help out other players as well! this is a collaboration between a few people, but you can join too! if you find a new item in-game send an image or video of it to this thread or on the GZ discord, i will add it to this list! i will also be continually updating and adding to the list so keep on checking back for more info

here are some things we’ve gathered and found so far:

Closed Beta PC Keybindings


  • Left Click - Fire weapon / Use Item
  • Right Click - Aim Down Sights (ADS) / Context Menu (in inventory)


  • WASD - Movement
  • Ctrl - Crouch
  • Z - Prone
  • Shift - Sprint
  • F - Flashlight
  • R - Reload
  • 1, 2 - Primary Weapons
  • 3 - Secondary Weapon
  • 4, 5, 6, 7 - Quickslots
  • X - Change Binocular Viewmode
  • P - Last Used Menu
  • I - Inventory
  • M - Map
  • Enter - Chat
  • Esc - Pause

In-Game Weapons

A list of weapons in the Closed Beta.

  • Automatgevär 4 - 7.62mm
  • Meusser Hunting Rifle - .243
    (Note: This is a bolt-action rifle, even though the HUD reads semi-auto)
  • Hunting Rifle “Älgstudsare” - .270
  • HK5 - 9mm SMG
  • Sjoqvist Semi-Auto - 12G Shells
  • 12G Pump Action - 12G Shells
  • M/46 Kpist SMG - 9mm SMG
  • Al-47 - 7.62mm
  • Moller PP - .32 ACP
  • .44 Magnus - .44
  • Klaucke 17 - 9mm Handgun
  • Granatgevär M/49 - HEDP & SGDP

Video featuring all weapons in-game and their reloads.

Ammo Calibers and Types

Ammo types used by different weapons.
[CALIBER (Used by Weapon) - AMMO TYPES]

  • 9mm SMG (Used by Kpist SMG + HK5)
    Hollow Point (HP), Armor-Piercing (AP) & Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • 9mm Handgun (Used by Klaucke 17) - HP, AP, FMJ
  • .44 (Used by .44 Magnus) - HP, FMJ
  • .32 ACP (Used by Moller PP) - Has HP and FMJ types.
  • .243 (Used by Meusser Hunting Rifle) - Has soft-point (SP), AP and FMJ types
  • .270 (Used by Hunting Rifle “Älgstudsare”) - Comes in SP and FMJ
  • 7.62mm (Used by Automatgevär 4 + Al-47) - Comes in FMJ and AP types
  • 12g Shotgun Shells (Used by 12G Pump Action + Sjoqvist Semi-Auto)
    Comes in 12 Gauge Buckshot, Birdshot and Slugs
  • High-Explosive Dual-Purpose (Used by the Granatgevär M/49)
  • Smoke Round (Also used by the Granatgevär M/49)
    [The description of the Smoke Round states that it does no damage – this is incorrect, as it produces an explosion equivalent to that of the High-Explosive Dual-Purpose that also creates lot of smoke]

Unused calibers (no weapon found uses them):

  • 5.56mm (Used by unknown assault rifle) - Comes in AP and FMJ types
  • .50 BMG (Used by unknown sniper rifle) - Comes in AP and FMJ types

Speculated calibers (theorized to exist in the beta):

  • .338 [Maybe spotted in DangerousDan’s livestream?]

Weapon & Attachment Quality Levels

There are FIVE quality levels for weapons and weapon attachments. These quality levels will affect weapon statistics like accuracy and firepower, as well as cosmetic details such as wear on the weapon or attachment body (grime, mud, scratches, etc) (cracks on scope lens, etc). They are, in order from common to rare:

  • Dilapidated (1 Crown) [Grey]
  • Worn (2 Crowns) [Green]
  • Good (3 Crowns) [Light Blue]
  • Exceptional (4 Crowns) [Purple]
  • Special (5 Crowns) [Light Yellow]

The quality level (as well as the amount of crowns and color) can be seen next to the weapon name in the inventory weapon info display.

NOTE: It seems as though all Special weapons (5 Crowns) have iron-sights that glow in the dark, if they are found without a built-in scope or other optic. Most of they also have unique cosmetic changes (eg. the 12G Pump Shotgun’s Special variant is two-toned chrome and black).

Weapon Attachments

Attachments are items that can be attached to certain weapons.
[Weapon Compatibilty]

  • 1-4x Rifle Scope
    Meusser Hunting Rifle + Automatgevar 4
  • 4-24x Rifle Scope
    Meusser Hunting Rifle + Automatgevar 4
  • Red Dot Sight
  • ACOG 2x Sight
    M/46 K-Pist + HK5 + 12G Pump Shotgun

Effect: Reduce recoil
Note: Takes the same slot as Chokers and Silencers

  • Handgun Compensator
    .44 Magnus
  • Submachinegun Compensator
    Kpist SMG + HK5[?]

Effect: Reduce spread of pellets
Note: Takes the same slot as Silencers and Compensators

  • Shotgun Choker
    12G Pump Action + Sjoqvist Semi-Auto

Effect: Reduce noise, reduce damage
Note: Takes the same slot as Compensators and Chokers

  • Handgun Silencer
    Moller PP + Klaucke 17 + .44 Magnus
  • Shotgun Silencer
    12G Pump Action
    Does NOT fit the Sjoqvist Semi-Auto
  • Hunting Rifle Silencer
    Meusser Hunting Rifle
  • Assault Rifle Silencer
    Automatgevar 4 + Al-47
Barrel Extensions

Effect: Increases velocity

  • Assault Rifle Barrel Extension
    Automatgevär 4 + Al47
  • Submachine Gun Barrel Extension
    HK5 + Kpist SMG
Extended Magazines

Effect: Increases ammo capacity by 13 shots

  • Assault Rifle Extended Magazine
    Does not fit onto anything??


Medical Items

Items that benefit your or your teammates’ status.

  • First Aid Kit - RAPIDLY heals 100% of your health
    [Note: The flavor text actually says “50% of your health healed”, which is incorrect]
  • Advanced First Aid Kit - Heals around 70% of your health
  • Standard First Aid Kit - Heals around 40-50% of your health
  • Simple First Aid Kit - Restores around 25% of your health slowly
  • Adrenaline Shot - Needed to revive a co-op player, also can be used to revive yourself
  • Paramedic Response Pack - Deployable health pack that heals you and your team in an AoE

Known Bug: Medical items do not heal player and just get consumed. Fix for this is to currently restart the game.

Throwable Items

Items that can be thrown, almost all are one-time use.

  • Emergency Flare (1 use per) - When thrown, machines will shoot at the flare
  • Emergency Flare Sticky (1 use per) - Same effect as flares, but sticks onto surfaces
  • Fireworks (1 use per) - When thrown near machines, will confuse them and disrupt their tracking
  • Boombox (1 use per) - Used to distract machines
  • Radio (1 user per) - Used to distract machines
  • Grenade (1 use per) - Explodes when you throw it after a set delay, deals heavy damage
  • Smoke Grenade (1 use per) - Creates smoke that interferes with sight
  • Small EMP Cell (1 use per) - When thrown, explodes with a small EMP charge

Note: Throwable items such as the Flare and Grenade do not travel in a relatively straight line when thrown, instead they travel in a high arc. This is especially seen when aiming at a close object.


Items that can be placed down for different uses.

  • Comm Array Lure - Used to lure machines
    Comes in variations of Light and Medium
  • Field Radio - Creates a fast travel waypoint for you and your friends, one time use
  • Gas Tank - Placeable object that can be blown up with projectiles
  • Compressed Air Tank - Same as Gas Tank, but the explosion is MUCH larger
  • Car Battery EMP - Placeable object that can be shot to create an EMP explosion
  • Ammo Pack - Supplies you and your teammates ammo
  • Land Mine - Detonates when anyone or anything steps on it
  • Small Fuel Cell - When shot, creates a tiny explosion harming anything near it


Items with no specific category.

  • Gas Mask (Cosmetic) - Gives gas resistance statistic
  • IR Vision Processor (Module) - Module attaches to scopes and binos to allow sight in thermal vision
  • Low Light Vision Amplified (Module) Module attaches to scopes and binos to allow sight in night vision
    [Note: These modules were dropped randomly by the Tank machine, others have said that the modules were found on scanner machines]


List of islands, regions, locations, and key areas on the Closed Beta map.

Iboholmen Island

  • Iboholmen Church
  • Safehouse
  • Hunter Cabin “Bjorknas”
    (3798, 1801)
  • Pier
    (4129, 2468)
  • Abandoned Ruin
    (4325, 2354)
  • Unopenable Sheds
    (3738, 2346)
  • Military Barracks
    (3357, 2420)
  • Stenhaga Farm
    (2735, 2469)
  • Small House & Storage
    (2261, 2865)
  • Iboholmen Castle
    (2997, 2800)
  • Some empty shipping containers
    (3152, 3030)
  • Mortnas Farm
    (2318, 2972)
  • Empty docks
    (2407, 3110)
  • Abandoned Fishing Wharf
    (2288, 3114)
  • Dark Souls Campfire (with the .270 rifle)
    (2204, 3183)
Bjorknasskogen Region
  • Unopenable House
    (4522, 1689)
  • Locked Storage Room
    (4223, 1553)
  • Bjorknas
    (3802, 1808)
Yttervik Village (New Spawn Location)
  • Ferry Pier
  • Safehouse
  • Unnamed Safehouse

Sodra Saltholmen Island

  • Vesslan Command Bunker
    (1427, 3878)
  • Abandoned Fishing Docks
    (1425, 2972)
  • Seggesta Farm
    (1192, 3378)
  • Truck with loot
    (1204, 3516)
  • Viktorm House
    (1719, 4089)
  • Munitions Cache
    (1668, 3256)
  • Lighthouse Home
    (1827, 4626)
  • Lighthouse
    (1914, 4663)
  • Lighthouse Farm
    (1534, 4370)
  • Stora Hago Settlement
    (1235, 4064)
  • Military Checkpoint
    (974, 3942)
  • Hastvik Settlement
    (489, 3654)
  • Military Camp
    (-112, 3307)
Salthamn Town
  • Settlement
  • Underground Shelter Skydsrum
  • Baseball Field
Salthamn Port
  • Salthamnn Naval Base
  • Salthamn Port Bunker
    (1977, 3114)



The in-game skills that augment your character’s abilities. These are seperated into four categories (COMBAT, SUPPORT, SURVIVAL, TECH) which are further seperated into right-side and left-side. The previous skill must be taken before a higher tier skill can be chosen. Tier 6 (last) skills are called “specialist” skills, and only one may be active at a time.

Note: All of the skills past the Tier 3 skills are unable to be taken. This is due to the game being in the closed beta stage. These skills will be marked with an [!].


Combat focuses on weapon statistics, combat effectiveness, and damage resistances.

Left-side skills

  • Aim Down Sights Speed - Provides an increase to the speed with which you aim down sights
    [1 Level]
  • Hip Shot Accuracy - Lowersw the negative spread impact of firing when shooting from the hip
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: -15% spread, Level 2: -30% spread)
    This skill is currently bugged, taking it will INCREASE spread rather than reducing it.
  • Weapon Recoil - Decreases recoil when firing any weapon
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: -15% recoil, Level 2: -30% recoil)
  • Weapon Sway [!] - Decreases the amount of weapon sway when aiming down sights.
    [3 Levels] (Level 1: -15% recoil, Level 2: -30% recoil, Level 3: 45% recoil)
  • Make 'Em Count [!] - Single shot fire does more damage to organs
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: +25% damage, Level 2: +50% damage)
  • Marksman [!] - While active, completely eliminate ANY weapon sway when using any weapon
    [1 Level]

Right-side skills

  • Reload Speed - Decreases the time it takes to reload a weapon
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: -10% reload time, Level 2: -20% reload time)
  • Run and Gun - Lowers the negative spread impact of firing while moving
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: -20% spread, Level 2: -40% spread)
  • Armor - Provides an increase to your damage resistance
    [3 Levels] (Level 1: 10% bullet resist, Level 2: 10% explosive resist, Level 3: 10% gas resist)
  • Armor Damage [!] - Increases damage done to enemy armor
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: +10% damage, Level 2: +20% damage)
  • Trigger Happy [!] - Increases amount of damage dealt when using automatic fire
    [1 Level]
  • Vanguard [!] - While active, increases your damage resistance by 100%
    [1 Level]

Support focuses on marking enemies, using medkits, and attacking unaware enemies.

Left-hand skills

  • Throw Accuracy - Provides a percentage decrease to the random offset of your throwing accuracy
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: -60% random offset, Level 2: -100% random offset)
  • Flanking - Increased chance of causing stagger when firing on an enemy that is targeting another player
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: +20% stagger chance, Level 2: +40% stagger chance)
  • Enemy Marking - Marking enemies will highlight enemies to everyone for a period of time
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: 15 second highlight, Level 2: 30 second highlight)
    NOTE: Unlocking this skill allows the player to mark enemies with the binoculars, by switching the vision mode and pressing E on the enemy. (Currently this is bugged so only the host can perform this action.)
  • Designated Target [!] - Marked enemies take additional damage
    _[2 Levels] (Level 1: +20% damage, Level 2: +40% damage)
  • Last Man Standing [!] - Provides a boost to your damage resistance for every player that drops below 10% health (including downed players, and yourself)
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: 5% damage resistance for 10 seconds, Level 2: 10% damage resistance for 15 seconds)
  • Commander [!] - Any field radio you deploy will have double the amount of spawns
    [1 Level]

Right-hand skills

  • Throw Distance - Increases the distance you can throw throwable items
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: +15% throwing distance, Level 2: +30% throwing distance)
  • Healer - Unlocks the ability to heal other players with a medkit
    [1 Level]
    NOTE: Unlocking this skill allows the player to use their medkits to heal other people, by using their medkit while their cursor is on another teammate. This can be done even if their health is full and nets the player 5XP
  • Veteran Guerilla - Marked enemies that are destroyed yield increased amounts of base XP
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: +20% base XP, Level 2: +40% base XP)
  • Heal Amount [!] - Increases the healing amount when using medkits
    [3 Levels] (Level 1: +20% heal amount, Level 2: +40% heal amount, Level 3: +60% heal amount)
  • Revive Speed [!] - Lowers the time it takes to revive a downed teammate
    _[2 Levels] (Level 1: 25% faster revive, Level 2: 50% faster revive)
  • Medic [!] - Any player you revive, including yourself, return to the game with 100% health instead of 20%
    [1 Level]

Survival focuses on a character’s own body statistic, speed, and downed status.

Left-hand side

  • Stamina Amount - Increases the maximum amount of stamina your character has
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: +25% stamina, Level 2: +50% stamina)
  • Running Speed - Increases the jogging and sprinting speed of your character
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: 15% faster, Level 2: 30% faster)
  • Carry Capacity - Unlocks an additional bar in the inventory
    [1 Level]
    NOTE: The Carry Capacity skill seems to be missing another level as there are TWO bars that need to be unlocked in the inventory screen
  • Steady Feet [!] - Allows the player to withstand stronger attacks without being knocked down
    [1 Level]
  • Down But Not Out [!] - Downed state timer is doubled
    [1 Level]
  • Survivor [!] - You may respawn on your corpse once per combat situation
    [1 Level]

Right-hand side

  • Stamina Recharge - Increases the rate at which stamina recharges
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: 20% faster recharge, Level 2: 40% faster recharge)
  • Health Amount - Increases the max amount of health your character has
    [3 Levels] (Level 1: 10% health increase, Level 2: 20% health increase, Level 3: 30% health increase)
  • Visibility - Decreases visibility to enemies
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: 20% less visible, Level 2: 40% less visible)
  • Movement Noise [!] - Decreases noise made by moving
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: 20% less noise, 40% less noise)
  • Covert Movement Speed [!] - Increases movement speed when proned or crouched
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: 15% faster prone/crouch speed, Level 2: 30% prone/crouch speed)
  • Commando [!] - The first damage dealt on any unaware enemy is doubled
    [1 Level]

Tech focuses on information gathering, scavenging supplies, and hacking enemies.

Left-side skills

  • Spotting Intel - Increases the amount of information provided when spotting
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: difficulty indicated, Level 2: distance indicated)
    NOTE: The intel can be found by switching viewmodes on the binoculars with the X key
  • Inqusitive Mind - Increases the amount of XP you earn for completing missions
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: +50% XP earned, Level 2: +100% XP earned)
  • Organ Damage - Increases the amount of damage dealt to enemy organs
    _[2 Levels] (Level 1: +10% damage, Level 2: +20% damage)
  • EMP Expert [!] - Improves the impact of using EMP weaponry
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: +25% EMP area of effect, Level 2: +50% EMP area of effect)
  • Remote Hacking [!] - Allows remote hacking of enemies, confusing them temporarily
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: 20 seconds duration, Level 2: 40 seconds duration)
  • Hacker [!] - Any remote hacking will cause enemies to attack other enemies
    [1 Level]

Right-side skills

  • Chemist - Increases your base gas resistance by 20%
    [1 Level]
  • Lockpicking - Unlocks the ability to unlock non-special locked doors using lockpick items
    [1 Level]
    NOTE: Unlocking this ability lets the player character pick open most locked doors with a Lockpick, doing so uses up said item. Lockpicks can be found randomly in loot containers.
  • Salvage - Increases the amount of ammo gained from any ammo stack when looting
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: 50% ammo increase, Level 2: 100% ammo increase)
  • Mechanic [!] - Unlocks the ability to scavenge enemy components even if they are damaged
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: 25% scavenge chance on damage organs, Level 2: 50% scavenge chance on damaged organs)
  • Explosives Expert [!] - Improves the impact of usinng explosive weaponry
    [2 Levels] (Level 1: +15% explosive damage, Level 2: +30% explosive area of effect)
  • Engineer [!] - Unlocks the ability to scavenge undamaged Tick Eggs from enemies and use them to deploy hacked Ticks that attack enemies
    [1 Level]


  • some players have found a .50 BMG caliber, but no weapons that use it yet, and the in-game description of the round mention a sniper rifle. off the top of my head the only sniper rifle i can think of that chambers in .50 BMG and manufactured during 1980 is the Barrett M82. this rifle was also sold to the swedish army in 1989 as the Ag 90 C. i have a good feeling that this sniper rifle will be in the full game.

  • it seems as though higher level players have an easier time finding higher level loot (such as the .44 Magnus, HK5 etc.) than players with a lower level, theory is that loot quality is tied with both player level and map area

  • the FULL map size (not the closed beta explorable area) appears to be around 19x10km


@BiddinWar, for basically 90% of the content in this guide. he found practically every rare item and graciously passed the info onto me to document. if it weren’t for him, this guide wouldn’t be a guide at all – still at the speculation phase :stuck_out_tongue:
@macdaddymario for giving me his PC key because i was too impatient to wait! i ended up recieving my own pc key in the mail later, and as i promised to him, i did give it away to someone who needed it :+1:
@Major, @Mirrin, and anyone else who i played with! it was a blast and i hope we can play with each other again sometime!

any other information is important, so definitely share it! i can and will include important information in my original post for convienence if you request it!


Game is taking place for sure in November of 1989 OR early 1990 due to the fact of the Berlin Wall and its fall being mentioned. Its fall/deconstruction was announced in 1989, November 9th.

Humans (NPCs) are likely to exist if you follow through and read all the quests you get. There seems to have been a rather large military operation regarding evacuation that may have been somewhat successful. This is a speculation based on what I’ve seen in game


Another weapon commonly used by the Swedish Armed Forces during this period of time is the KSP 58 which is a Swedish licensed and produced version of the FN MAG, a Light Machine Gun which is a weapon type that has not yet been spotted within the game. It also uses the same ammo as the AK4.

The AK5 or Swedish licensed and produced FN FNC however was introduced in 1986 and uses 5.56, and since that ammo type is already inside the game, this could mean it’s a possible new weapon as well.


Personally i would enjoy seeing some of the weapons used by the swedish armed forces. The timeframe is also pretty good for that as a lot of our current equipment was introduced in the 80-90’s.

Anyone find exceptional or special condition weapons?

West of Saltham, I found some shipping cargo containers with deactivated robots inside. Are they a governmental thing or are the Russians coming?!

We have found T4 and T5 Items, we got pictures which will be added later on!


Can’t find the hunting rifle .270 any help would be appreciated

mogę w to zagrać bo widziałem na yt i jest fajna. Nagrywał to polski jutu ber i dostał klucz i gra.

Yes a 5 star gold hunting rifle dropped from a 4 legged tank i was in disbelief as i read a post few days ago saying robots dont drop guns so its either a bug or i was lucky . The gun has a name not sure what i passed it to friend who needed rifle and already had 270 ammo , can be found in box aswell as he found one when i was not online , good luck , ps the tank i battled was on a street in the big massive town called OSTERVIK , this is for those who have clicked this page and read a 5 month old question , this reply is for people looking for an answer after 26th march launch day onwards . Thanks

Can confirm. I found a .50 cal, gold quality sniper rifle on a harvester in Ostervik.

Very good news i could do with one will go back thanks

Bit late to see this (game has been alreaddy released now) but just as a side note:
In-game Assault rifle 5 in 5,56 mm is definately a FN FNC.