How to turn on the flashlight?

Hi, i know i picked up the flashlight in the beginning house.

But how do i turn it on, i am at the bunker in Salthamn and its very dark without flashlight!

It doesnt look like i got it in the inventory either, maybe a bug?

Press right stick, like you do with the left one for run

Uhm right stick? You mean right shift? :smiley:

ahahah sorry, i play on xbox one :sweat_smile:

press f :smiley: <3 and the flashlight is on

Haha jeez, i didnt even try that… Well thanks people!

Maybe mods can add so you can see controls!

Great game by the way, really beautiful.

HOW do i write in chat?!?!

Press ENTER and you can chat. HAha so simple.

Great, big help. Tackar!

in the logs! u can find i think it says introduction or something theres some controls there i think!!

use f for flashlight