[EXPLAINED] Does difficulty affect loot?



i´ve tried to find any info ´bout this topic but all info was very vague, so i´ll try my luck here. I already finished 2nd character on adventure diff.to max level and i guess i feel confident enough to try skirmish - playin´solo only, on ps4 so guerrila is out of the question for me :D. What im curious about is, if drop loot and pool of 5* attachments and 6* experimental weapons (from rivals) increase with difficulty, or its pure rng no matter on which difficulty you play.
And one more questionn…if you die (using adrenalin shot or respawn at safe house) during rival battle - does this affect what rivals drops?


Difficulty does not affect loot drops, only the amount of health Machines have, and the damage they do.
Getting downed and/or respawning at a safehouse should not affect it either :slight_smile:


hmm, i really dont know … i changed difficulty to guerrila just for one rival test - military harvester - and bang! experimental shotgun - mayby just coincidence :thinking:


Besides what Xezr said above, higher difficulty level also extends the machine detection range.


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As mentioned by Xezr;

The difficulty does however affect the spawn rate for rivals so IF you are looking for high quality loot by taking down and looting rivals, playing on a higher difficulty would be beneficial.


@OBiW4NSHiNOBi are you aware of this?


Interesting. I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem spawning Rivals on any difficulty (except for maybe in the Farmlands) and I’ve only had a US weapon drop on a Rival once.

The majority of mine have come from a mix of FNIX / APOC enemies. I think I’ve still yet to even see an N16 Extended mag of any quality.


We’ve gotten several players reaching out to ask asking how difficulty affects loot drops. We’ve responded in different threads, but since it’s such a common question, we wanted to make a more in-depth post clarifying it.

The short answer is that changing your difficulty setting doesn’t affect your loot from each machine drop. Playing with more players and the difficulty scaling with those players also will not affect each machine’s chance of giving you more loot.

However, on higher difficulties the chance of spawning a Rival is higher. Rivals give some of the overall best loot, making playing on a higher difficulty setting that much more appealing when hunting for Rivals.

Additional information regarding the difficulty settings:

• When playing with higher difficulty settings, players do less damage to the machines.
• When playing with higher difficulty settings, the machines do higher damage to the players
• When playing with higher difficulty settings, the machine’s ability to locate players visually and through sound is increased
• When playing with higher difficulty settings, the machine’s accuracy when aiming at player is increased.
• When playing with higher difficulty settings, there is no change to how many machines will spawn in the world.

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Hi @Drennon. Can we have any confirmation or refutation, or even a slight hint about how Reaper loot works? Many players claim that the Reaper needs to be finished by a killshot to get access to the full loot pool, and if the Reaper is allowed to self destruct, the chance of loot (weapons) is lessened, or even fully lost.

Can you say anything about it? :slightly_smiling_face:



I can confirm that the reaper will provide better loot if it is destroyed before it self destructs.


Screen shot ^ done.

Thanks for the clarity @Drennon