Future weather and seasonal changes to Östertörn

When the Resistance update releases on April 27’th, the game will progress into 1990. I suppose it will then be January, in other words, the height of winter.

I wonder will the revamped map feature more wintery conditions across all of Östertörn? Could even the Archipelago and South Coast regions be covered in white?

Even more, could future revamps remove the snow entirely, as the story progresses more toward spring?

What do think about this? :slightly_smiling_face:

(Did you recognize any sesonal changes in the trailer?)


It looks indeed more wintry in the trailer. I’d love a more snow-covered map.

I don’t recognize the area the trailer show. Could it be that the devs unlock a new island with the update? That would be awesome!

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Yeah, that one big island just spews potential.

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Actually, I personally enjoy the autumn foliage more than the snow. Snow is just… White. It needs to be spiced up with good looking terrain and set pieces.

But realistically, the cover of snow, or lack thereof, would be the same all over Östertörn, and in January snow would be natural. Wouldn’t make much sense if one region was still supposed to be in November, would it?

I doubt we’ll see a new island already in April. It will probably be held back until the next story DLC. But I have great hopes for the big island north of Himfjäll, and want that to be FNIX’s final stronghold.

I would bet that at least revamped Forest and Mountains regions are now covered in snow.


I take that this topic is discussion about weather in GZ. :thinking:
Though, any weather feature requests should go into here: Let's Talk About The Fog & Weather


@Aesyle This is not a request for anything, hence the general discussion category. This is meant as a discussion about potential seasonal changes across the map.
Today, Archipelago is set in autumn, and North Coast is set in winter. An unrealistic yet understandable feature, but it would make sense to even out these seasonal differences as the game definitely progresses further into winter.

People should be able to say what changes they would like to see, without that having to be merged into a more specific request thread.