Let's Talk About The Fog & Weather

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Hello Fellow Gamers,
The April Patch notes say: “There is excessive fog in the South Coast region” but is it really an issue or is it excessive? Let us here have a conversation about this & weather in the game overall…

Some background about me on this issue 1st. I have been a long standing advocate for more “dynamic” weather meaning that it has a real effect on the gameplay & game feel. I believe that it would add to the atmosphere while making gameplay from region to more diverse than just more or less Machines do. I am of the opinion that each regions weather & terrain should in some way effect the way one plays.

So now to the point do you like or dislike the Fog as is in the South Coast Region? If you like it but feel it is a bit much by what % would you like to see it reduced? If you like or dislike it either way please tell us why…

I like it as is but would not have an issue with a 25% reduction because I still think that would have a real impact on the play.

Thanks in advance for your replies & hope all are safe & well in these crazy times.

P.S. Just had to add this video because well great movie…lol


I think more dynamic weather would be a really good addition! Fog is fine, but it’s current state is a bit much, with some balancing it can be fixed. But it should not be inside buildings/bunkers, and I believe that a bit of a density reduction is in order. :slight_smile:
(Not to mention the weird blinding light in some places in that area, idk if that’s the fog though).


Thanks & that is all very solid in-put. I think it is the kind of stuff the Developers need to hear!

I really don´t see a problem with the fog, makes things interesting, the thing is, the fog should not always exist, the weather and environment looks great but as already stated before “More dynamic weather” would make things even better, thunderstorms, no more raining during sunny skies, darker nights, more clouds, improved rain and mild snowstorms (at Himfjall)

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I actually like the fog as it is in the southern-region as well, I even like it in the houses; it really ups the feeling of abandonment. However, it really shouldn’t be in the bunkers and in particular it’s an issue in Torsberga Fort where it’s creating a lighting bug that makes that mission basically unplayable. Otherwise the variable weather is really great - just last night I was observing from a church tower on Himfjall and a blinding fog/snowstorm rolled in, and it was frankly thrilling to watch.

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Thanks @Mr_A1992 and @WolfKidd great feedback & just the sort of stuff I hoped for with this post…Thanks again!

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Agree i have to leave the Area,i hope they fix,ou hurts my eyes

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I quite like the fog there goes for some really cool battles what I think is the fog should move around so in some places in the region it could be fine in others you cant see 1 meter ahead of you It would make you listen more for machines and jump-scare you when a hunter decides to do its stab attack it would hone your hearing to machine noises.
Also I would like to see blizzards in the game where you have decreased visibility and lower movement speed but machines don’t come out much as they start to freeze up
I would also like to see in thunderstorms a device to conduct lightning place it in a group of machines and blam like a exp kvm it would shoot lightning everywhere or overload and explode causing an emp blast. Thanks for reading these ideas improve on them if you want!


Sorry if this is in the wrong place as this is my first time posting and i couldn’t find any topics about this
But a cool improvement to the current features would be to increase the immersion of weather in the game like having an impact on the machines
ie fog impairs vision and rain restricts hearing. Also i’d think it’d be cool if they increased the frequency and diversity of these events such as storms etc.

said storms could also strike machines causing them to short circuit either damaging or powering them down for a short time like the emp blasts

Realistically i don’t know how these features would be implemented but i thought it was a cool idea :slight_smile:


Sounds great!
Even if it was only in one of the 3 remaining empty islands, maybe as a DLC?
I can already imagine it, Heavy rain or snow storms and heavy fog, it would be amazing.

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Yeah that’s a great idea, maybe even take inspiration from some of the just cause 4 storms and wind effects (but not as aggressive) it could be so beautiful especially if they implemented snowstorms

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Ah sorry i thought i checked whoops

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What if they pulled an idea straight out of the metro series and made it so your gas mask can fog up or rain collects and stands on the glass.

On another note, what if your character shuttered every now and then when walking in a snowy area or at night?

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That’s a good idea, shivering could make guns less accurate.