Schematics - Fixed Locations



Lboholmen Church - 2nd Floor on chair behind organ.

Fireproof shirt
Skvadern bunker
-1537.899, -3166.949
directions from safehouse
turn Left , L , L , R ( down stairs ) , R , door at end.

Stenudden lighthouse
Stealthy shirt
1914.274, 4662.848

No Schematics Available?

St. Anna Church ruins - by the dead soldier.


just to add info
1604.578, -3356.566
camo pants


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Karl-Erik Lighthouse - Marshlands Region
Camouflage Shoes


Bullet-resistant shirt
F23 Overby Airbase
-361.754, 924.652


Lysehamn (Safehouse) - South Coast Region
Camouflage Jacket


Already posted ^above

But I can add that it was a ammo box above it when I found that


Skarven Bunker (-85, 3050) - Archipelago region
Athletic Shoes
Direction from North Entrance (-85, 3050)
Follow right wall of the corridor until you arrive at a set of stairs going down into yellow gas, don’t go down the stairs bu instead go through the red door, Right at the T section, Left, Right down the stairs, Right, Right and Bathroom at the end of the corridor.


Sandbo Farm
Second Floor on balcony table.
-2350.896, 1385.711
Blast-Resistance Jacket


Rusaberget Lookout Point (Mountain Region, highest point of the Mainland)
-2960, 1268

Camouflage shirt


Are those schematics actually worth finding or are they all just 1% bullet or whatever proof like all the clothing I’ve already found?
Also I find 4 locations known so far seems extremely few by now unless there is actually one among those schematics that gives you a significant buff…


I don’t think so unfortunately. I think the crafting system is something of a test right now that the devs will expand upon in later updates.


They better do it fast since more people seem to pick up GZ right now with the new patch and the steam sale. Few will understand that and many will give up bored again and wonder where the “very positive” reviews were coming from that are mentioned on the sales page… :wink:


-5342, 719

Fireproofed jacket


Has anyone had one drop from an enemy yet ir no?


IF 1% resistance is all there is, then they should’ve waited with implementing crafting altogether, since IF this is the case, it will only be frustrating. I’ll admit I haven’t been able to play much myself yet after the patch, most of my info is gathered from your posts.


make another thread called Schematics - Lets talk about it


Please go to this tread for anything about schematics other than locations
Trying to keep it more organised.