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The salvage portion of the game is that going to stay locked? The robots are not dropping anything other than ammo

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i believe they might still be working on that, as this is a closed beta and there are many things that will be included in the full game that we haven’t seen yet

Is there a trick to playing together on the Xbox. It just says that I can’t do that right now when I try to invite a friend. What am I doing wrong.

Thank you Avalanche! Very cool concept. I just discovered this project today and missed the open Beta but will be following your development with interest. My group is already buzzing about GZero and look forward to seeing more content and ultimately the full release! There’s not enough Co-Op in the world. It’s great to see another title in the works. Good luck and keep the info coming!

When is going to be the next update? I’m excited to see what you guys can bring to make this game from a good game to an awesome game