Why do these people have ammo on them *spoiler*

Are they ordinary people? Then why the ammo. Are they resistance? Then why partying in a dangerous area? I don’t get it.


They’re co-op players. You know, those randos you meet who rush forward to loot the tank you brought down and dance on the top because it’s hilarious bants. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, or gets shot to bits by the runners they ignored.

Hm. Not convinced so far.

Well, it’s the same reason people keep ammo boxes on their toilet. Don’t think too hard about it. On the other hand…


Maybe you should stick to the plan and not play the DLC, though, Flick.

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My guess? When shit hit the fan, people started hoarding ammo and weapons to try and stay alive.


They were in the middle of a party. And regular people hoarding .50 cal…

No this just does not fit.

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Regular people facing the end of the world. I think @Zesiir is right about the hoarding. And people do strange things under stress.

What’s your theory?

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Another way to look at it, not to ruin your immersion or anything, is that this is a video game and having more loot sources makes the game work more smoothly. One of the many benefits of purchasing alpine is that it is loot heaven and that can make it more appealing to the average player, outside of the awesome story, level design, new machine spawns and NPCs the extra loot farming is just a nice cherry on top for purchasing the dlc.


If you’re a good swedish citizen, you have an ammo crate in the trunk of your Volvo. Fact! :+1:


Also, I find it both tragic and amusing that all the wedding guests have ammo stocked in their pockets. Guess they had a feeling the apocalypse was near… :thinking:


GZ takes place in fictional world (universe) and things in GZ doesn’t have to make sense. If civilians want to carry ammo, let them be.

How well you’d react if someone would tell you what you can and can not carry with you? Not very well i guess.

I was afraid of just that.

I would be fine with that.

Ah, these people are part of the wedding that took place on the island “mere hours before the machine invasion”. That explains why they are stacked with ammo.

Shotgun wedding :stuck_out_tongue: