All my active missions dissapeared

Platform: Pc windows 10

Description: Lost all my active missions both side and main except for the first dlc missions you recieve.

**Steps To Reproduce: Im unsure on this one.

Images / Videos:
(Can get later if asked)

Host or Client:
My friend hosted a session before i made my own and discovered what had happent

Players in your game:
Nobody was in my game when this problem appeared.

Not sure how to reproduce but i will explain the moments leading up to it. This happendt after i left a friends game wich he was hosting and completing end game missions of the alpine, After awhile we decided to kill a bunch of rivals then go afk at an bunker storing a viggen fighter. During this time i went and purchased two Dlcs for the game while afk, These Dlcs were alpine unrest and the weapons Dlc. After i had bought the dlc i left his game and decided i would do some qusting on my own on my island so i could progress the story, And this is when i realised my active missions had all dissapeared and the only ones i could view were the already completed ones. I was lvl 18-19 and still doing starter missions. The main quest i had finished while i was hosting a session earlier that day was some quest where i had to go check on an antena that was apparently scrambling radio communications.

Hey @SMOOTHbrain :wave:

Am I understanding correctly that the mission progress you made as client in a multiplayer session didn’t carry over to single player?

If that is the case that is as designed. In the vast majority of cases ONLY the host will have mission progress saved (unless e.g. host and client have the exact same mission progress). Clients keep EXP and items picked up in the session, etc, but mission progress is only saved for host in most cases.

In order for you to have progress saved in single player that progress will have to be made either when you are hosting a session OR playing single player.

One of our beta testers provided me with a copy of your save file and looking at it through the mission debugger I can’t see anything wrong with it.

IF you have problems completing the missions again as host or in single player please let us know and we’ll look into that as that would be an issue, and we have had some problems previously where progress made as client in multiplayer sessions incorrectly carries over and saves to single player, causesing issues when doing the mission again in your own session.

Hope this helps and clears this up and IF not please @ me and we’ll try and figure this out!

Thanks for reporting! :pray: