All POIs except Safe Houses disappear

Platform: PC

Description: Playing Multiplayer (as host) with two others. Every time we start the game, after one of the very frequent crash to desktops (1-2 every hour), all map poi:s disappear and we loose track of where we’ve been so far. All that is left is the safe houses. If we go someplace we’ve already been the location tracking (loot tracking etc) is still correct. Just that all the map icons are gone.

Steps To Reproduce: This is constant. Happens every time we play. After every restart map progress gets wiped.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Host+2 Clients

Specifications: PC, Win7, i7, RTX2060


Try making a second char and log him in once, then go back to main menu, select main char and continue. You should have the safe houses back. Go back to main menu again and continue again and all the visited towns names and places of interest should pop up too.

You will have to keep doing the ‘continue once, see only safe-houses, back to main menu, and continue again’, until it’s fixed. (An odd issue that most of us (the ones I play co-op with) have, and a temporary workaround for now)

Repro/fix As written above, hope it works for you too.
Win 10, I7 6700k GTX 1080 etc etc

He is saying that the icons for the Farms, Beacons, Lighthouses, Bunkers, and so forth disappear, only the Safe House icon remain.

Yeah I have the same thing as him every time I start the game, and that is my workaround, and it works for 2 other co-op mates too, as they have the same problem.

I had this same problem. Then when I jumped on this morning all of the locations popped back up. Not sure how this happened. I only have one created character so I’m not sure why it worked but I’ll take it

Same problem her … not always all PIO’s but allot of them

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It’s mainly all the locations on the southern parts that don’t show POI and names of villages and bunkers.
The northern part seem to keep their names (even when I lacked my safe houses), even those we/i hadn’t visited yet.