All skills locked! At level 16


This is the second time i play Gen Z and the first time i could unlock skills.

I started a new game from start and to my surprise my old inventory was almost complete except for the 50 Cal rifle and the Pansarskott.
I can’t unlock any locked doors using hairpins because i don’t have the skill.

When i go to my Skille-page it looks like this:

Anyone have any ideas on what i can do?

Thank you!

Unlock the skills.

You have 15 skillpoints. The skilltree must be unlocked in order. If you wish to unlock lockpicking, you first have to unlock the gas resistance skill in the most right line.

Then you may unlock the next skill in that column.

Keep in mind: you only can get up to 31 skillpoints.
But: you may also recap them later by spending 5 uranium.

Ahh ok!!!

I thought the top symbols were just pictures to describe the tree below and not a skill in itself!

Thanks for the answer, solved the problem :slight_smile:

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Issue resolved, Thanks Madchaser for your constant help around the forums! Thread closed. Mod//

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