All unfinished missions missing


Finished Spiking the Guns, had a crash during it, was able to successfully complete it. When I went to look up the next mission only completed missions show. Have restarted the game a few times, no change.
Help. Even all the unfinished War Board missions are gone.

Playing solo

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I have continued playing and found some odd behavior with my mission log, beyond that fact that all unfinished missions disappeared and only completed missions show.
I knew that I had a mission after the spiking the guns mission to travel to the house of the professor near the light house. So I thought ‘what the heck I might as well head there’ I went and as I approached the light house the mission marker popped up, the upper torso symbol. When I got to the house the mission popped up in the mission log with the steps to complete.
I was able to complete it and it joined the other completed missions in my log, but, no uncompleted missions, not even the war board missions.
I went ahead and traveled into the third zone and as I headed into the mountainous region the mission for the Uttern bunker popped up telling me to gather enough bar codes to enter the bunker by killing machines in the mountain areas. I have collected three so far but the step still shows that I need to collect more for access. I haven’t found the bunker yet so I guess I’ll keep on killing machines.
The current state of my mission log appears to be that if I stumble on a mission it will show up in my log and I can complete it. I don’t know yet if I get other missions from a war board if they will show in my log or if I will just have to wander around until I hit them.