Allow us to sort crafting schematics

if ye wanna complain about something being easy go complain about the robots being weak

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We need a sort by quality option from high to low & low to high. The way it is now you have to manually select the quality one at a time when it should just list everything by quality.

I think for Apparel upgrades should get the sorting filter we got for Inventory in the base Assault Update ^.~
“Alphabetical & Quality” (A-Z Q1-5, A-Z Q5-1, Z-A Q1-5, Z-A Q5-1)
“Quality” (Gray, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow)
“Chronological” so you can see which you got last at the top or Bottom. ^.~

And if it is Possible, have the Clothing you currently wear be the top and have it selected when you open/activate the Apparel Crafting station.
Unlike now where it is what you wear but the First Jacket you acquired
and the Shirt, Pants and Shoes you wear, till you switch to another tab and that then sets that piece of cloth to the first you acquired for of that. <.<;

For Ammo Crafting, due to there being so many, especially with the addition of Experimental ammo and DLC ammo <.<
I think it would be the best to sort them into Categories
Automatic Bullets: 9mm (SMG), 9x39mm, 5,56mm, 7,62mm
Rifle Rounds: .243, .270, BMG
Shells: 12ga
Small Caliber: .32, .44, 9mm
Explosives: Dual-Purpose Rounds*, LG-7v
Misc**: Arrows, Napalm Fuel
Medical: Medkits
Favorites: Selected Favorites
(* Granatgevær ammo)
(** or maybe a DLC tab?)

And also the Ability to Filter like Above
“Alphabetical & Quality” (A-Z Q1-6, A-Z Q6-1, Z-A Q1-6, Z-A Q6-1)
“Chronological” so you can see which you got last at the top or Bottom. ^.~
“Ammo Type” Sorting ammo into Hollow Point, Soft Point, Full Metal Jacket, Armor Piercing, HEAT, Tar Explosive, Radiation, Shock, Medical

Also i hope we could get a item preview for selected recipe in the center for the Ammo crafting station
as the Inventory do that, as do the Apparel Crafting station by showing our character ^.~