Allow us to sort crafting schematics

As I collect new schematics, it’s becoming a real pain to find the ones I’m looking for through the sea of assorted titles, it’d be great to either have a button that auto-sorts, or to be able to manually drag them around. (If this is already a thing, feel free to tell me I’m dumb, I really looked online but I couldn’t find anything)


I think the ability to sort pretty much every item lists has been suggested by a lot of people. :sweat_smile:


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Oh! I hadn’t seen anything online, when I type anything about schematics all I get is schematic locations

No problem. I think most comments are about sorting ammunitions and tools/throwables. (I play in French, so I don’t really know the proper wording).

In fact, that’s the first time I see someone talking about how sorting schematics would be useful. I agree with you though.

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Gotcha, makes sense! Hopefully it gets added eventually then, if there’s a lot of people asking for it c:


I was lucky and got all the standard ammo schematics before the base defense update happened so all my schematics for the exp ammo is inline. Since I don’t really waste resources for standard ammo and health kits I scroll straight to the pinkish colored ones.

I REALLY hope this is fixed in a future update. Not having ammo and clothing schematics organized by ammo type and clothing resistance tier respectively is maddening. A part of me wants to go see if there are mods available that fix this, but considering this game’s history with bugs I’m a bit hesitant to do so. Below are some screenshots of the OCD nightmare that is my apparel situtation. :frowning:

20220508195718_1 20220508195730_1


Before I finished collecting all the clothing schematics, it was a pain to know if I could craft something to the highest level. So I made a list of what I had and needed and updated it till I had all of the schematics. I am glad that nightmare is over!


Thank you for your insights in the game and very good points. But, no one wants to dump the whole back pack out to see what is in the backpack. I don’t remember the exact count of clothing schematics once I had completed collecting them all. But, when looking at them in the recycle locker to see what you can craft and what you can not, you have to continuously scroll up and down before crafting to make sure you have them all. I don’t mind if I have to manually sort anything in Gen Zero, but it would be nice to be able to do so while hiding safely, deep inside a bunker.

It would even be nice if there was a empty icon, like all other collectables, that shows how many are still needed.

Just because it’s a survival game doesn’t mean the UI should be confusing and annoying.

Of all the unrealistic and over the top features and mechanics in GZ, I don’t see how inventory sorting would be taking things too far.


Being a survival game is quite possibly the worst excuse for shoddy UI I have ever seen
There are thousands of survival games, GZ having terrible inventory management doesn’t make it unique, it makes it “behind the times”


Yeah I sure do thank the game for being unique by having unsorted lists that make it take more time than needed just for simple navigation. The same way I thank GZ for having more bugs than normal games’ as this makes it more unique…


The games “realism” (if there even is any) is no excuse for bad inventory systems. Gz is not even close to a game where they should make something extra inconvenient for the sake of realism, Gz is not even a survival game.


So everything being sorted chronologically is logical, and needing to go through it a bunch adds to the realism feel.

But the idea of sorting your stuff into anything you want like you could in real life is somehow too far and makes it a “babies game”.

It seems to me any time a thing of convenience and ease is requested, people are against it because it somehow “babies” people. This is just complete nonsense.

No matter if the idea of no option to sort is more logical to you, that does not make it so.

Anyway. I do feel sorting the schematic inventory would be a good addition.


I mentioned this in the updates topic and I think it was heard.

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Now where did I do this :thinking:

And while it may be logical to do it this way to you. How is being able to organize it yourself any less logical? Or even just having a set one and explaining it away that the player did it this way? There is no way one can deny this optionln being just as, if not more logical than a metaphorical pile. You yourself said a couple of minutes work like you’d have to do in a real hostile world. So why not actually have the ability to do that in game.


yea I kinda noticed how there is no realism in gz a while ago

struggling with sorting a menu is far less fun than struggling to stay alive in a robot apocalypse. making me scroll down to find the thing I want isn’t adding to gameplay, is just annoying.


You are right, they will want it this way. Will. You are then saying the people who want the sorting to be easy will want the other features to be easy. Then you talked about how if the devs wanted it to be a babies game it would be. How it would lose it’s uniqueness by actually giving you the choice to move your menu around (the horror!)

None of the stuff you brought up actually related to this easy sort other than the theme of people wanting stuff to be easier. The thing is though, wanting to having infinite storage and wanting an easy to use menu are completely different things. It is not some slope where one day we get a menu sort, then the next we get infinte ammo.

As for the struggle feeling you mentioned. I do enjoy difficult and and hard to pass situations. What I do not enjoy is tedium and frustration for the sake of it. I have yet to meet but one person who thought that a static and unsorted menu was actually satisfying to use. I want to have a hard time in gameplay not the menu sorting.

You seem to be taking other problems you have with the community and direction of the game and using this topic as a place to talk about it.

Unrelated: we dont talk about what michael posted :skull:


It sounds a lot less like trying to be nice to the devs and a lot like bootlicking. If you cannot see the faults in something then you do not truly enjoy it.