Almost.... a flawless update

Platform: XBOX ONE, Project Scorpio

Description: Falling through ground and being attacked by Himfjall Island itself!, then losing all associated rivals reducing level of region.

Steps To Reproduce: I wish I knew

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1 - Solo Play, Online - L31 Vanguard

Right, let’s get straight to the point here. The update has made significant improvements across the board. Some very clever improvements to the world, which allows for battles that now stack in waves, almost like they call in reinforcements ( which I really like ).

However, what happened circa 12am UK time ( linked below ) was an extremely bitter sweet end to the session. What I will do now, is rebuild Himfjall, and look at the previous issues I logged and re-sweep if they have been addressed or not.

Your close…but defiantly not in a position to say it’s fixed. The island is alive!!!