Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising. Are they better than original game?

I completed base game and i’m prepering to buy these DLC.

How you can encourage me to buy them? In what things they’re better than base game?

Honestly Alpine Unrest gives you a nice change of view and new stuff and FNIX Rising add even more toys and things to play with. And honestly to buy both of them is the cost of one call of duty map pack so the value is great.

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The best way to encourage someone who want to be encouraged, is to tell them not to buy the DLCs. If you buy them anyway, the non-encouragement method worked. And If you follow my advise not to buy, you will buy them anyway on a later date, because you will be wondering what you missed. :jack_o_lantern:

I don’t know. Base Gen Zero i think was repetetive. Run there, collect item, destroy this over and over. If DLCs are the same i probably quit.

Except FNIX Rising is not the same. You have multiple new types of missions. Such as an escort, as well as seek and destroy specific enemies.

I loved the storyline and was hanging by the edge of my seat for most of the main storyline.
The DLC´s really added some spice to the soup, the additional storylines was very exciting and tied very well to the main storyline.

But after you finish the missions, there is a lot more value to the Alpine Unrest DLC since it unlocks a new region while the Fnix Rising doesnt really do much more than adding more missions.

Regardless of your mission status, if you like the game, you´ll like the DLC´s.
And if you want more GenZero, you might want to support the developers by throwing some cash their way. :slight_smile:
The price is fair to say the least, and at least for me, definitely worth every penny (and then some!).

Then I think you better quit. It’s best to move on instead of sticking to it and join the legion of players who have only negative things to say. Some people really turn from lovers of the game into haters of the game. And do their best to damage the game.
Best to avoid that.


I bought Alpine Unrest because it’s more expanded. Thanks.

With the uncertainty cleared, the topic has served it’s purpose and i’ll lock it.