Alpine Unrest: Ghosts of the Past Glitch


Currently, I am on the mission Ghosts of the Past and ran into a bug that wont let me progress. It is stuck at 7/8 materials gathered from the ski shop even tho I grabbed the 7 from inside and one behind the shop and even built the fortified the windows and build defenses. Also on Xbox.

Ghost of the past window glitch

There is a sticky about how to create bug reports. If you use the template from there, ideally with screenshots, it is much easier for the devs to see what’s what.


In the mission ghosts of the past my game chrashed when i baricaded the windows, game chrashed and now it says 9/10 windows baricaded while i have allready did the next part

Platform: standard PS4

Description: i baricaded the windows and my game chrashed and now it is buged

Steps To Reproduce: make your game crash right after baricading all the windows

Images / Videos: none

Host or Client: was playing alone

Players in your game: only me

Specifications: like i said standard PS4


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