Alpine Unrest - Hotfix

Hello everyone!

As some of you might have noticed that a few players were unable to start the new Alpine Unrest mission chain. Since noticed, a fix has been the GZ team’s highest priority. We are now publishing a patch on PC to solve this problem. A fix for console will be available asap.

Patch Details:

  • Alpine Unrest mission chain issue is now fixed.

  • If playing the final mission of Alpine Unrest (The Resistance) as the client of someone else’s game, if you left during the mission then the mission would disappear from your Mission Log and you’d be unable to get it back.

The GenerationZero team


That sounds like great news, much appreciated, thank you !

Let’s do some testing…

Edit: started the game and the initial mission popped up immediately :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Great new indeed! I`m waiting for the PS4 patch to buy the DLC, keep the good work Generation Zero Team!

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Cheers, I’ll be correcting my list :slight_smile:

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Well done guys, good effort!

Now for the “Defend the Castle” (you weren’t planning any sleep, were you?)…


Thanks , speedy effort appreciated by all affected , cheers team and pontus :+1:

what about the others who can’t play normally? Bought the game and all! The money given for that? 5 min games this is not normal! Flies and all! The people of the mission is they have there problems! My problem is can’t play the game! What about the mission can be involved!

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The crashing issues are a big priority and are being looked into. Hopefully it won’t take too long.

Just to let you know on xbox one my game crashes every time I get into or finished combat and when I’ve been hit by a mine or explosive. It happens between 5min and 30min of gameplay pls help I lost a 5 crown kvm 59 to this issue

Any News on that Hotfix for ps4?


I hope we see a fix release before Christmas - I guess the Avalanche office will be fairly empty of developers during Christmas. Mostly gnomes roaming around fixing things if the developers leave enough porridge for them.


Hotfix available for consoles , download now forum , : version 1.14 :+1:


Good to hear! Let us know how it turned out, so I can check it off my list :slight_smile:


I’ll be sure to post letting ya’ll know after my stream today @Zesiir :slight_smile:


When is the stream?


Thanks devs! Appreciate the fast turnaround.

@Zesiir it works like a charm! zero issues in any of the mission chains :smiley: i feel like it’d be okay to remove the issue from the list!

Fantastic. Have fun, guys :slight_smile:

My game still crashes and freezing and making an ear destroying sound. Pls fix this game breaking bug

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