(Alpine Unrest Spoilers) I hope the team doesn't compromise their visions for the game's story, lore and setting

So, Generation Zero has changed quite a bit since it’s first release, mostly for the better, at least in my opinion.

When Alpine Unrest was announced, I was quite surprised by the fact that NPCS will be part of the expansion, because, iirc, the devs mentioned on multiple occasion that they don’t want NPCs in the game.
For example, I remember a stream in which a user wrote a message that more or less said: “Please add NPCs in order to show that not everyone is gone.”, to which Graham replied:
“Well, what if we want to show that everyone is gone ?”
I personally like the NPCs and seeing a jet actually flying through the air, but I’m not sure if those things fit the devs vision.
I hope that the devs and writers actually changed their minds and came to the conclusion that NPCs and a more active world would enhance their game and didn’t just shoehorn them in in order to silence demands from the community.

The Archipelago Region has been reworked twice, and both times it became less “eerily empty countryside” and more “devastated warzone”.
Once again I personally enjoy those changes in looks and atmosphere, but again I’m not sure if the devs actually want them and didn’t just do them in order to stop people from complaining about an “empty/lifeless world”.

I don’t know what’s the truth, but in both cases I hope it’s mostly the former.
I would prefer a thought out story and setting, even if it’s not exactly how I like it, over the devs throwing in whatever the community wants, no matter if it fits into their vision.

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