Alternative Player Roles

In another thread @IanForce made this suggestion:

“Someone should consider making this an alternative entry into the story. Remember Half-Life? After the initial installment, we had Opposing Forces (military) and Blueshift (police). It could start out as single-player and eventually develop into co-op as the different protagonists are brought together (e.g. by missions).”

My thoughts are that is a REALLY great idea. An alternative storyline from the POV of a policeman or a soldier would give the whole game a fresh new aspect. Maybe a civilian who is a member of the organisation for safeguarding the population. Or… maybe even a sinister G-Man who is behind the machine problem. Or… one of the scientists who survived the assassinations. There are so many ways one can look at the structure of the game’s story and events through fresh eyes.

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Imagine you’re a Hunter, booting up to follow the commands of FNIX. You arm yourself and set out to patrol Östertörn, hunt and kill any humans you find, use Thermal Vision and similar to hunt your prey. Stalk the forests in Military camo. And then, either continue along this path… Or grow self-aware, realise something’s wrong with your programming, and go rogue. That’s something I can get behind :robot:


Whoa. Creepy game premise! I like the self-awareness step-change. Self-aware Hunter teams up with human resistance to fight its own kind.

Or get the hunter ability :joy:.