Am I fighting the Reaper Wrong?

before I get into what’s wrong I’m gonna get some basic things out of the way.

PC user

Ryzen 3 1200 (Ik its old)
Rx 570
8gb of RAM (3000mhz)
B450 AM4 motherboard
500w PSU
Drivers updated recently
Single Player

So I fought the reaper for about the tenth time now and I’ve only got two experimentals (sledge hammer, and Klauke 17 {Glock looking thing}) total and I was wondering if this is a possible bug or am I just that unlucky? Its odd that I have better luck fighting Rivals than the Reaper? am I doing the fight Wrong? using farmlands to spawn him but no luck.

also I have DLCs the US weapons pack 1 & 2 and the Eastern European weapons pack.

You seem to have done something right.
You’ve got an experimental sledgehammer.

I didn’t ever get one in about 2 years now, still doesn’t have one yet.

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It’s all RNG (mostly). You’re not guaranteed to get Experimentals everytime you down the Reaper. It has a large loot table, that includes all top tier equipment, weapons, exclusive clothes, cosmetics etc.

The fact that you got the Sledgehammer is good though, it’s not a common drop and requires some technique to aquire. Try some other Rivals, see if you get lucky elsewhere? :thinking:

Also are you destroying the reapers or they self-destructing on you? When the reaper is destroyed if the pop up stated that the reaper was destroyed then it destroyed itself. If the pop up message states a PLAYER destroyed the reaper then you destroyed it and get more/better loot.

Solo player that doesn’t have the more powerful weapons like the PVG 90 level 6 will have a hard time taking a reaper down and destroying it verses it destroying itself. It will make a faint sound like it is powering down, squirt a pinkish red smoke along with the green smoke of a blast, and sparks from different areas of its body. After the blast the reaper falls and the pop up message will post what happened.

yea i think its Self destructing to think about it. I do have an experimental PVG 90 it was my first one I got from a rival, however I don’t think I let it do that most of the times I’ve fought it.

Out of curiousity, what level is your character that you’re fighting the reaper with?